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May Activity Log

Okay! Here is my May activity log!! I won’t be posting measurements as I forgot to bring my tape measure. I’ll post them when I get back. Click on this to see a larger image. I sadly didn’t hit my activity goal for the month. I only got in 1160 minutes not 1200. The month got away from me and I didn’t do the work I should have on the weekends.

We’ve also started a new challenge on the WW forums. This one is called Just do it in June. My goals are more modest then before. My goals are to lose 4lbs and do 1000 minutes of activity.  I’m actually a bit worried about the activity to tell the truth. I’m away on business until the middle of the month and then go away again at the end of month where I am working 12 hour days. It leaves me tired and spent and I’m definitely not doing any activity. I’ll just have to power through.

I’m happy to say I got in a run this afternoon for the first time since Tuesday. Wow, it was hard! New city, new route, working 12-14 hour days and I haven’t run in 4 days. It was tough. I hope I can get in some more runs this week but it entirely depends on work.

I’m a bit worried I will not be able to weigh-in on Tuesday. We’ll see, but it’s looking like my schedule won’t allow it. Fingers crossed!

This post is short and sweet – I’ll be back Tuesday and report if I’m able to get in a weigh-in. Have a great weekend everyone!!


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