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Weigh-in Week 59: I’m overweight!

Yippee! Yahoo!  I have officially crossed over into “overweight” territory from the land of “obese” according to my bmi which now sits at 29.8. I weighed in today and I was down 2.1lbs for a new weight of 173.9 and a total of 77.7lbs lost!

I have been away for work for the past week and a half. At my last weigh-in I was down 0.1 lbs and I completely thought I would have gained for this week. I didn’t track for 4 days. I nibbled. A lot. I had access to pastries, and crackers, and cheese. Oh my. I did manage to get in 4 runs over the week and half, but no proper gym session with weight training. I tried to get back on track on Sunday and Monday – and I think I did to a certain extent. I say I think because at least in my head it didn’t feel like I had a good handle on my eating. And so I prepared myself psychologically for a gain. Now I don’t think I did a very good job of it as I actually contemplated not going to weigh-in. Yup. But I went and I was pleasantly surprised.

This also marks a great milestone for me (drum roll please!)….I’ve officially reached my mini goal #3 🙂  Woohoo! (you can see them in the right hand column). I don’t know what my reward will be, I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. Ack! I’ll have to think it through. I have been meaning to take a vacation in July when I get back…perhaps there’s something in that!

Something else amazing that happened? I got the Weight Watchers 5K charm for my keychain 🙂  It was only for those participating in this weekend’s 5K walk, but since I was out of town AND I’d previously run an official 5K race I got to have one. As you probably well know by now, I love charms and stickers. Here’s what it looks like:

I’ve added it to my keychain already. I hope it lasts though. This one’s made of plastic unlike the others which are metal. Probably has to do with the fact that they had so many to give out for this challenge.

I’m home for two weeks before my biggest challenge of going to the States for work for 3 weeks. Twelve hour work days again (who says people in the arts don’t work hard! I haven’t had a day off since May!!) and also completely different food and no real access to cooking my food myself. I worry about having to eat out all the time and no time to exercise. I worry about the larger portions.  I think I’ll have to be even more diligent about portion sizes and this will be  a true test of my ability to manage my eating in the face of temptation.

Any suggestions on how to face temptation when traveling for work or on vacation?


5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 59: I’m overweight!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Yes, I’m a total sucker for the charms and the stickers. I’m like a little kid with them! But hey, anything you gotta do to keep motivation in full gear.

  1. Congrats on being overweight! That’s such a weird thing to say but luckily you know I mean it in a positive way! Good luck with your travels. My only advice, which may not be applicable to your situation as you are traveling for work not holiday, is to walk everywhere. Oh, and another tip would be to avoid dinner portions and stick to eating appetizers and salads/soups.

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