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Measurements: June

Ack! I’m so behind on these!! My apologies to all my new readers. I’m usually much better at posting between my weigh-ins however the last two months have been crazy with work.

I took my measurements over the weekend and didn’t have time to post them so here they are. I include both inches and cm.  I only include the cm because on the WW tracker they use cm which is ridiculous. Yes I’m in Canada but other then official government documentation we tend to use imperial for height, weight, and body measurements.  Click on it to see a bigger picture.

The summary of the measurements is that I’ve lost 4 inches since mid-April. Yay! I think that’s not too bad. The last time I’d lost 4 inches I had also lost over 10lbs back in January and February so that means there are physical changes happening even if the weight loss has slowed.

My measurement wish list is that I hope my waist goes down, I fear this might be genetics but it would be lovely to have a proper waist. I’ve got the starting signs of one, but I think it’s still a long ways away. My other wish is for my calves to go down. I have HUGE calves and that means I can’t  wear boots that go above my ankle (and I’m not willing to buy shoes online for wider calves. Shoes are something I have to try on before buying …and even then if you saw how long it takes me to decide!)

The best thing ever is that I’ve lost a total of 33.75 inches since I started taking my measurements in September 2010. Woohoo! I like seeing the progress on paper if I still at times can’t see in in person.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, it was beautiful here and I took the time to hang out with friends and enjoyed my balcony as much as I could. This is my view:



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