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One Year Blogiversary! A Giveaway!

Woohoo! I have officially been blogging for one full year. My first post was July 31st, 2010 and was called …and the Journey Begins! At that time I’d been on WW since May 4th and had only lost 6.8lbs. That mean’s I’ve lost 73.5lbs with YOU! 

Thank you so much to everyone who reads my blog! I never thought I’d get any regular readers at all and really just started blogging to keep myself accountable, but you are all wonderful and I look forward each post to reading your comments 🙂

And so to thank you all, and also in hopes of bringing the lurkers out (I am guilty of this too on many a blog!) to comment I am going to do my very first GIVEAWAY!!!  I have decided to merge my two main interests: weight loss and baking (as you can tell by my blog rolls) into one and my giveaway will be a brand new copy of my favourite cookbook: One Smart Cookie byJulie Van Rosendaal! (Canadian shout-out in process: she’s a baker from Calgary)

This book is awesome! It has tons of recipies from cookies to brownies to bars to sweet breads to squares to truffles all low-fat but still DELICIOUS!  I use this book all the time and it has one of my favourite quick and easy to make cookies that I love to make for parties or bring to pot-lucks: the CHOCOLAVA cookies. They are like wonderful brownie cookies but only have 1/4 cup of butter in them!  Because I am in a sharing mood here is the recipe. The glorious thing is that they are only 2 pts per cookie (yes, even on points plus!) – isn’t it great that she includes the NI for each cookie as well?! I love it.

I’d like to point out on this scan of the recipe that it includes the requisite chocolate/baking stains, but also the ubiquitous coffee mug stain.

Now, back to the cookbook giveaway. I should point out that I did not get a free copy or anything like that – either from the publisher, author, or Amazon or Chapters Indigo. I am buying this book myself to give to one reader – THAT’S how much I love this book. I’m going to say that the giveaway is only open to citizens (or addresses) in the USA or Canada as I’m going to buy it either through Amazon.com or Chapters.indigo.ca  (click on the links if you’d like more info about the cookbook)

Here’s how you enter: Leave me a comment on this post and tell me what is your favourite cookie (or baked dessert if you’re not a cookie fan)! The giveaway is open from now until Tuesday August 2nd at 6pm Eastern Time and I’ll post the winner that night with my weigh-in results!

Happy Day! Have a great Sunday all, and a great long weekend to everyone in Canada celebrating the August long weekend  🙂


13 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary! A Giveaway!

  1. My mom’s sugar cookies have always been my favorite. They’re exceptionally thin and crisp, and probably had more sugar than actual cookie! We made them together every christmas (she would do the hard stuff, and I would help cut and decorate them). We had an enormous Mickey Mouse cookie cutter that was probably 8 inches tall. She always made sure there was room to make one of those for me, and I would decorate it as closely to Mickey as I possibly could. Sometimes it would break because it was so big, but mom always made sure I got every piece of it.

  2. I love the idea of a lowfat cookie book! Too many of my cookie recipes call for ridiculous amounts of butter. My favourite cookie is the brown-butter brown-sugar cookie from Cook’s Illustrated. It has a rich, nutty flavour that some say is as addictive as crack…

  3. By the way, happy blogiversary! I’ve just finished devouring your entire blog over the course of several days and am tremendously impressed and inspired by your persistence and determination. Go, you!

  4. Happy blogiversary!!!!!

    Hmmmmmm…. a favourite cookie. I really have to pick??? My husband makes whipped shortbread cookies at Christmas that I often smuggle out of the house and eat as fast as I can. Or anything chocolate based. Or sugary. Or… or…. And this is why my weightloss has stalled!!! But I’m so excited for yours – such an awesome journey!!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!! Makes me wonder if I have passed mine or not!!! Well done on the weight loss too that is wonderful!!

  6. Happy Blogiversary!

    Favourite cookie – hmm that’s a tough one. I don’t bake many cookies anymore because most of the ones I like are way too many points. I do have a recipe for ww brownies that are to die for (4 points) I make them whenever I have to take a dessert to a potluck and no one believes that they are ww.

  7. I love good ol’ chocolate chip, but make a mean gingersnap that’s perfect in the fall/winter. Congrats! You’ve been very steady with your weight loss and it’s fantastic to see. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your successes. Congrats on blogging for one full year. You are certainly an inspiration to those of us who are struggling along this journey.
    My favourite cookie is definitely a Hermit. I have such fond childhood memories of that cookie and it’s always a treat when I find them in a bakery where I can buy just one. I cannot make them; they’re too much of a trigger food for me.
    I love Julie Van Rosendaal. I love her TV show called “It’s Just Food”. I love the fact that she is someone who once struggled with her weight and is now making cookbooks for those of us who are watching what we are eating.
    Continued success with your journey!

  9. I’m definitely buying this book if I don’t win! I still can’t resist chewy triple chocolate (white, milk, semi-sweet) chip cookies warm out of the oven. I’m going to have to go back to your blog to re-read some of your posts because right now, all I want is cookies!

    Thanks for offering up this give-away!

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