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Weigh-in Week 68: Enough with the no weigh-ins already!

Pfft. I really, really want to weigh in. Yes, that’s right I said it! I’m out of town doing a physical theatre workshop and can’t weigh in since I’m in the States once again. This week is much more manageable so my eating has been a LOT better. I made a huge pot of whole wheat pasta on Sunday for lunches this week, purchased fruit and yoghurt for snacks. I also bought a package of Snackwells Devil’s Food cake cookies and I’m proud to say I’ve been eating 2 each day with lunch, and not gorging on them at night 🙂

I’ve also been getting in a lot of new activity/exercise. We’re we working with a guru learning Classical Thai Dance (wow, hello knees and thighs), learning Kalaripayattu ( a early form of martial arts) and all sorts of other physical work. I thought I’d get a couple runs in this week since we are only working until 6pm, but I’m exhausted each night and I need to be kind to my knees or they will revolt so no running for the week. But I think this change in pace and how I’m using my body to move is very useful.

Also – consider this: there is not a chance in hell I would have/could have done this intensive workshop last year at the same time. My weight would have not only held me back, but quite honestly the company would have been right not to take me because of how physically demanding the work is. The company I am working with is amazing and I’m so happy to have the opportunity.  This definitely re-invigorates my desire to get to goal as this was one of my reasons for losing the weight. Side note about my life/career: I truly believe that actors should be like athletes – able to push their bodies beyond their comfort levels and make what is difficult appear easy. I would also never ask of my actors something that I would not be willing to do myself and so here I find myself  – finally being able to try and do that which I ask of my actors.

Update on the running. This is big. So, as you know I’ve started my training for the 10K well something BIZARRE happened over the last 2 weeks – I got A LOT better at running suddenly. Like as in really sudddenly where, seemingly over night, I was able to run longer and pace myself better and not feel exhausted after a run. What the?!?

I’ll be honest – I thought it was a fluke at first. One day I was able to run 30mins non-stop outside (i.e. without slowing to walking-in place at streetlights) well it happened again and again and AGAIN! I’m happy to report that on Saturday, before I left for my work trip I ran outside for 45 minutes – continuously. I’m stoked to get back to training when I get back and work my way up to 10K

I’d also really like to be in the 160s by the week of Labour Day. Why you might ask? Does it have something to do with with the approaching end of summer, or the general “back to school” feeling that seems to sweep over us this time of year? NOPE – it’s because that’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I officially move into the *gulp* mid-30s to the tender age of 34 and I’d like to see the 160s by then. That gives me 2 weeks to lose 2.3lbs (or 3 if I’m being really generous with myself). I should be able to do this. There is no reason why I shouldn’t. Here’s me looking forward to next Tuesday…

Do you have any goals in mind for the rest of the summer? (Do you also feel like Labour Day tends to mark the end of summer since it’s the last long weekend??)


10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 68: Enough with the no weigh-ins already!

  1. Yes, I tend to see Labour Day as the end of summer, but I’m back to dental school on Monday, so that’s actually more of the end of summer for me this year. I really have no more specific summer goals. Just finishing up my summer job, moving back home, and getting ready to get back to the grind.

    Congrats on the running! That’s really great 🙂

  2. I used to view Labor Day as the end of summer until I moved to Texas where it stays hot for a few more months. Now I see it as a day off from work and a day of sales at the stores 😉

    I am really happy you are enjoying yourself so much on this work trip- it sounds amazing. Between the new running abilities and all the dancing/martial arts and controlling your diet I think you have those 2.3 pounds in the bag! Good luck!

  3. Wow your workshop sounds incredible. Sorry you aren’t able to get runs in, but sounds like you’re getting a great workout on the dance floor.

    Nice to meet a fellow September birthday celebrator. My birthday is at the end of the month and I will be 41….I’m hoping, hoping, hoping to get to 41 lbs down by my 41st birthday on the 24th. When I reach that goal, I’m thinking a heart rate monitor is in order. 🙂

    So awesome about your running….keep on truckin’ :0)

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