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Weigh-in Week 69: I think it’s officially a plateau

Ah. Well I am down 0.2lbs at weigh-in today after not weighing-in for two weeks. New weight: 172.1lbs and a total loss of 79.5lbs.

I’m starting to think I had better actually call this a plateau. I have been hovering around this same weight of between 173-171 since mid-June ladies and gents!  That’s 10 weeks! I know it’s me, like I’ve said before, but this time I have to do something about it. Just like weight loss: hoping it’ll go away on it’s own isn’t doing me any favours here.

Here are the things I am going to do to break this plateau:

1. Tidy up my pantry. There’s no trigger food there, but I do have stuff for baking (like honey and graham crackers) that if I see I suddenly want, so I’ve put it low down and behind things like a bags of flour.

2. I bought some salmon. This may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve had a hankering for salmon for some time now. I just buy the frozen wild salmon fillets – super quick and easy to make. My favourite is to brush it with a bit of butter and dill and bake.

3. I am going to write down every last bit of EVERYTHING I eat. This includes all the veggies etc. Sometimes I don’t write it all down if I know it’s zero pts like the raw veggies I eat with dip (but I do track the dip!) But no more. EVERYTHING.

4. I’m going to post daily what I eat. I find this just gives me the accountability I need and hopefully I can get back on track. This time, however I will try to take photos of each of my meals to make my posts more interesting. Each morning, I’ll post what I ate the day before. First one starts tomorrow!

Fortuitously today’s meeting topic was about breaking plateaus. So, is there some great advice out there? Not really, I mean it’s exactly what you think it is – go back to the basics. Measure, track, be mindful of EVERYTHING. As we get more comfortable in the WW’s plan or calorie counting or whatever you do to keep track and also more comfortable in our bodies we tend to get a bit complacent.  That’s why I think posting each day what I eat will remind me to be more mindful and measure everything (and to measure properly…not those rounded scoops are that are starting to appear!)

 We’re pretty much heading to autumn right now with temperatures in the 14-17 degrees celcius lately! Here’s hoping we get a bit more sun before the leaves turn completely. Hope everyone’s had a good week!


8 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 69: I think it’s officially a plateau

  1. I went to my work WW meeting today, same topic of course, and another thing we talked alot about was switching up our fitness routines in order to get through the plateaus. I know you are in training for the 10k but maybe you should add in some yoga or pilates to change it up, work different muscles. Maybe that could help too. I think you are making the right adjustments though that will deinitely help get you through the plateau! Good luck!

    1. I was thinking of doing that – but I’ve just spent a week doing all sorts of new exercises and nothing. I know it’s also because I’m not being careful with my food intake so I’m going to start there and then move on the exercise. I have signed up for some yoga classes as of next week so hopefully that will help 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I wasn’t really expecting it, but it makes sense – I always find the summers more difficult. So here’s to getting back on track with the cooler weather!

  2. Break down those barriers and kick those old, habits of complacency to the curb!

    I can’t wait for this week’s WW meeting. I am dealing with a plateau (despite my efforts). I hope to see a good loss and maybe pick up some good tips! 🙂

    1. I will!

      The meeting is a good topic. Unfortunately we had a new leader in this week because mine was on vacation and almost all new faces without the regular crowd so it wasn’t the best meeting, but definitely will give you some ideas 🙂

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