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Weigh-in Week 70: Finally a Decent Loss

Woohoo! I am down 1.4lbs this week. Which makes for a new weight of 170.7lbs and a total loss of 80.9lbs. YAY!! I can once again officially say I have lost 80lbs πŸ˜€

And this time I’m not going back! Looks like posting my daily food log really helped me and despite my treats this weekend I still managed a loss over all. I’m not going to post for the next week as I’m feeling better about my eating. I’m back home from the traveling and my food is back under my control. I won’t go so far as to say all is good and I’m back on track because I know things can still go off. So this week I’ll keep logging in every thing I eat (including all the extras like veggies in a sandwich etc.)

I think I can still meet my mini-goal of getting to the 160s in time for my birthday with my next weigh-in. I don’t have any plans for Labour Day weekend so here’s hoping! I realize I’m not going to get to my goal of 160lbsΒ in time for my 10K, but I think I’ll leave it up there and see what date I can put beside it πŸ™‚

I feel it’s also time to bring out the water bottles again. Here is what 80lbs looks like. These bottles filled with water. Can you believe I used to cart that around with me everywhere!? I can’t.

I was talking to a neighbour the other day, and we were talking about weight loss. She currently wants to lose a bit of weigh (she’s sitting at a size 14) and we were discussing weight loss and getting healthy and also things that are harder to do when you gain weight. I mentioned off-hand that I year ago I wouldn’t have been able to live in the apartment I currently live in. I’m on the 3rd floor and there are only stairs to get up. I’ll be honest – last year I wouldn’t have considered this apartment because the idea of walking up and down those stairs would have terrified me. Now I can walk up (I definitely don’t run since they are old stairs and oddly spaced!) and down the stairs 4, 5, 6 times a day if I need to!

Well it got me thinking about things that I can now do, that I wouldn’t have been able to or would have been super difficult to do a year ago

  • So, first is walking up and down stairs. I no longer look at them in fear and try to figure out a why to hid how out of breath I’ll be at the end.
  • Not being worried about being out of breath. Oh, this used to be such a stress for me, especially when I was with other people and walking up a hill. Now I can walk up hills/stairs etc. and talk at the same time.
  • Sitting in plastic chairs! Like those flimsy patio kind. I’m serious. I was always worried they would break and also I’d have to squeeze into them.
  • Tying my shoelaces. For real. It used to take so much effort to bend over comfortably.
  • Wearing heels! I couldn’t at my highest. And now last Friday I wore a pair of 2″ heels all night. AND I even walked to and from the venue in them (40mins each direction)
  • Just moving. I certainly didn’t have a lot of energy and would actually plan how I could get the most done by moving the least, i.e. in the least amount of trips possible.
  • Running! NEVER would have done it before – especially not with my bum knee. Now, no knee problems at all.
  • I can cross my legs!
  • Sitting on a bus/subway next to someone. I used to worry about squishing them or being uncomfortable myself, but now I can usually fit in between two people.
  • Shopping! I have CHOICE. This has never happened before. I’m actually not sure how to navigate this.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will keep posting as I think of more things to add. Even with a small weight loss I saw difference.

Tell me – what can you do now that you’ve lost weight that was impossible/more difficult before?!





14 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 70: Finally a Decent Loss

  1. At my heaviest, I was getting to the point where I had to buy plus sizes, and when you’re 5’3″, that’s not easy. Airplane seats were getting uncomfortable, and I definitely huffed and puffed more than the average when walking or taking stairs.

    Congrats! It’s pretty exciting to see how much more you can do now πŸ™‚

  2. AWESOME!!! Congrats on the nice loss. Talk about NSVs (non-scale victories). You’ve had a slew of them this past year. Woohoo for you! That’s awesome!!!

  3. What great news! It’s funny how the little things like being able to go up stairs become something that you don’t think about anymore. Being able to run without knee pain is also a huge plus!

    Congratulations, keep up the good work!


  4. I agree, the water jugs are astounding! One thing that I haven’t necessarily hit yet, but I know I’m well on my way to is, like you, not trying to think of ways to hide how out of breath i am when taking stairs, or even just walking with people! I’m 5’2″ with short legs, and walking with the lanky 6ft tall guys at work was just awful! ESPECIALLY considering I often wore 3-inch heels! poor planning on my part…

    1. The out of breath thing is horrible isn’t it! I have short legs too and it is so difficult to keep up sometimes!! The exercising has definitely made a difference – not just in not being out of breath anymore, but in being able to walk faster and keep up. You’ll get there sooner than you think! πŸ™‚

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