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August Activity Log & September Measurements

Yay, I’m back on track after a summer of neglecting my activity and measurement tracking (which probably explains why I’ve only lost 3.2.lbs since June!).

First off, here are my measurements I took this morning. Lo and behold I have not changed AT ALL except for a 1/4″ off my calves. Hey I’ll take it! One day I hope to be able to wear knee-high boots…a girl can dream can’t she?   The good news is that my ankles seem to have shrunk. I know this because I tried on a pair of winter boots I own from about 3-4 years ago, which was the last time I could wear them because they zip up over the ankle, and they FIT! This means I have an extra pair of winter boots. Can’t go wrong with that.

Here are my measurements (click on it to see a bigger image):

The end of August also means the end of the August challenge on the WW forum boards, Awesome in August.  This month I did 1325 minutes of activity and managed to surpass my goal of 1200 minutes. However, I fell short of my weight-loss goal of 7lbs by only losing 0.6lbs. Eeesh. At least it was a negative? Right? For a while I was worried it wouldn’t be. My final stats can be found on my Challenges page. I find them super useful to keep me on track. I’ve entered a new challenge for September called Slender September Superstars and my goals are to lose 5lbs and to get in 1200mins again.

I also have a full Activity Log to post for August once again! Here it is (click to see a bigger image) :

So here’s a thought? Would you like to join a September Challenge with me? If so, post your weight-loss and activity minute goals (e.g. 5lbs & 1000 minutes) below and I’ll  check-in once a week on Fridays with our stats.

 If there’s interest I’ll do this every month!


3 thoughts on “August Activity Log & September Measurements

  1. Oh I’ll be in for that challenge!! I want to lose 2kg (4.4 lbs) and do 960 minutes (16 hours) of exercise this month! Can’t wait to see how we go!!

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