September Challenge Update

So far so good. My goals for September are to lose 5lbs and do 1200 minutes of activity.  Bubblymel joined me and her goals are to lose 2kg and do 960 minutes. So where are we? Here we are:

Bubblymel: -400g/2kg &  217/ 960 minutes

Me: -2/5lbs & 945/1200 minutes

Yay us for both showing losses so far and getting our activity in! I know I can meet my activity goals this month…it’s the weight loss I’m not sure of. Just hoping for another loss next week.

I’ve also been playing our with my new toy: A Nike+ iPod Sport’s Kit! For my birthday I got the kit and have been playing with it the last couple of runs.

I don’t have Nike shoes, I LOVE my New Balance shoes and don’t want to upgrade but luckily I also got a little plastic carrier which attaches to my laces 🙂  I hooked it to three sets of laces so that it wouldn’t move at all while I ran. Here’s what it looks like:

I’m loving how it keeps track of my information and shows me how much I’ve run as well my pace. Yesterday I had the best run I’ve ever had – a 30min 5K! Here’s the graph:

I’ll post my graph post-10K race! I got the email today with my bib number…ahh it approaches!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “September Challenge Update

    1. Hi!

      There’s one sensor you put on (or in) your shoes and a second one that attaches to your ipod in the slot where you plug it in to the computer.

      There’s a Nike+ app that automatically downloads. From there the app keeps track of your runs, you make a profile on the nike+ website and when you plug your ipod back in it logs it in a chart on your profile so you can track your progress! It also has a voice that talks to you during the run to tell you how far you’ve gone and how far you have to go.

      You choose your workout – e.g. by length of time, distance, calories burned and choose your playlist or no music and then run!

  1. My wife bought the shoes with the sensor inside for her i-phone and she loves it. I was suprised the amount of information that was gathered (maybe justified the cost of the shoes) but I like how the info is all stored and you can see how your progress is going. Good luck with your goals.

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