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Weigh-in Week 75: Well colour me surprised

So, not expecting this one: at weigh-in I was down 2.3lbs! New weight is 167.4lbs with a total loss of 84.2lbs so far. 

So what did I do this week? Well I ate all my daily points each day and ate my weeklies, but had 33 left over for the week. I didn’t exercise – not even my long walks all week because of my thigh/knee injury after the race.

I finally felt my leg was strong enough to try running on it last night (Monday). I went to the gym and ran for 25minutes on the treadmill (so I would be running on a flat surface). It felt amazing to run again! I missed it so much. My leg felt strong and although it’s still a touch stiff I’ve had no pain at all. I still think I’m going to go to the doctor this week to see if I can get a referal for a sports med clinic or someone specializing in running injuries just in case. I don’t want to cause more damage to it in the future. I want to be able to keep running and to keep pushing myself with time and distance so better make sure this is all good before continuing with that.  My plan this week is still to run two more times. I’ll do a short run on Friday and then try for a longer run on Sunday.

I also got my new weight training program from my friend who is a personal trainer – it was her birthday gift to me! I’m going to read it thoroughly and try it out on Friday for the first time. It’ll be nice to change things around 🙂

I haven’t kept up on September exercise log  so I still need to add in the missing workouts before I post it and I didn’t take my measurements yet. I’ll do both this weekend and post them. I’ll also post the September Challenge wrap-up with mine and Bubblymel’s final stats.

I’m hoping for a loss next week so I can make it to 85lbs lost. I’m worried my body is doing the whole big loss, small gain, small gain, big loss thing. I hope not. But I do have some challenges this week. Namely…

I want to talk about something amazing coming up this weekend….Thanksgiving! Which means TURKEY! It also means pumpkin pie 🙂

It also means holiday eating challenges. This week’s meeting was all about the “The Great Plate” for thanksgiving. The weekly handout has some good advice for the holiday weekend whcih includes:

1. Focusing on Power Foods and not skipping meals to save on points. Don’t I know it! Skipping meals just makes you more hungry when you do eat and then you overeat!

2. Go for the Good Health Guidelines – no point in eating all your points in pie and missing out on the nutrients you need. I definitely see a difference when I eat well – even if I over a bit rather than staying in my points but eating junk. This is why I’ve worked hard on eliminating processed food from my diet. I was hungry before weigh-in (I had to wait 40mins today because a whole bunch of new people showed up to register and the centre was understaffed!) and contemplated buying those WW bars, but I resisted. I had a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte in my hand I was just waiting for… (yes, I do know that vanilla syrup is processed. I didn’t say ALL processed food, I’m saying the majority of it in the form of chemical and sugar-laden snack/granola bars and frozen meals)

3. Don’t Deprive Yourself. Look I like pumpkin pie. Ima gonna eat a piece of pumpkin pie. I am NOT however going to eat 3, 4, 5 pieces. What I like but in moderation 🙂

 Last year I made a pumpkin pie and I plan on making one this year again. Check out photos of last year HERE!

What are your strategies for getting through holiday eating?


8 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 75: Well colour me surprised

  1. I am looking forward to pumpkin pie, too! I’ve been thinking about this, what with the holiday weekend, and my strategies include minimizing my starches (do I really need a roll and potatoes and stuffing?), making sure I eat lots of veggies, and indulging in those things I love (i.e. pumpkin pie) and not just randomly noshing on things that aren’t worth it (handfuls from the nut or candy dishes).

    1. That’s a great strategy. I’m going to a big dinner with lots of friends, and many are vegan and vegetarian so my plan is to fill up on veggies and good conversation!

      I’m also the one bringing the pumpkin pie so I know exactly how many points it is (since I’m on WW).

      It’s true – gotta stay away from the noshing, I find it hard to stop once I start, but almost always feel better if I forgo it from the get go.

      Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Good for you! I can’t wait to be in your shoes weight-wise. Take care of that leg an enjoy Thanksgiving. I don’t have any strategies because my family isn’t big on celebrating holidays. So, I think I should be good avoiding those temptations. Btw, your food from last year looked nummy!

    1. You’ll get there! Remember I’ve been at this since May 2010 – that’s 17 months to get where I am! It’s a lifelong journey I’ve realized. It will never be easy, it might get easier but not easy.

      The food was yummy last year – this year will be celebrated with a huge group of friends so hopefully good conversation will keep me going and away from the temptations so I can eat what I actually enjoy 🙂

  3. Look at that gorgeous pie!!! Loooovve pumpkin pie. Happy Thankgiving!!!
    Generally, I enjoy the day. I enjoy a nice hearty serving of breast….and taste what I want. An old WW leader said at a meeting….you never got where you are today because of ONE day’s eating. Now this year, I’m dealing with diabetes. So, I will have to be more conscious of carbs….and spacing out what I eat.

    Congrats on your loss this week. I’m glad you were able to run. I would be so bummed and depressed if I was injured and unable to exercise like I do daily. Hope you can get to a specialist who ensures no further damage to your body.

    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely Thanksgiving 🙂

      It’s true – it’s never one meal that got us where we are – it’s the not knowing how to stop!

      The thigh seems to have healed on it’s own and with some targeted stretching. I’ve been able to run and walk pain-free for the last week so I’m thrilled. If it comes back, I’m off to a doctor right away…don’t want to mess with that.

  4. Hey!!! I ende up losing another 700g, so I made a total of 2.3 kg for the month of September!! Woohoo, except I gained that 700g back this week, BOOOO!! Lol nah it’s all good, I have been a bit indulgent in the past week, even with 2 5K runs!! Really shows that food is 80% and training 20%. Well done on the loss and enjoy thanksgiving! I didn’t have anymore minutes of exercise for the month!

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