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Weigh-in Week 78: After the high, the lows

Okay. So it’s not as bad as it sounds. Really. I’m actually not upset that I was up 1.8lbs at weigh-in. New weight: 167.0lbs, new total loss: 84.6lbs.

So, why am I not upset you wonder?? I’ll tell you why. Because I had a lot of fun and I was 100% expecting it.

This was a full weekend – a date on Friday that ended up at an Italian restaurant, two birthday parties on Saturday, brunch and and apple pie extravaganza on Sunday that included 2 bottles of wine.  Phew! I’m amazed it was only 1.8lbs to be honest.

Now, let’s put this into context: This was an extraordinary weekend. My life is not usually this exciting, nor is it filled with dessert for dinner and wine. In fact I don’t usually drink alcohol very much at all so it’s easy for me to cut it out. This was a special occasion.

The reason I’m not upset – in fact surprisingly ok about it all is that it was due to a series of extraordinary events and not because I binged on food or felt unsatisfied and ate too much over the course of the week. It was because life happened and I had a good time and now I’m back on track.

I’m not sure if this is a bit simplistic or not, but to tell the truthI’m not frustrated by this gain because I know if when I get back on track I’ll take the weight off. I mean wine can’t weight that much can it 😉

Have a great week all. Life is still insane, hence the delayed post once again.  But here is an amazing pic of apple pie made this weekend from fourteen freshly picked organic Courtland apples to tide you over!


6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 78: After the high, the lows

  1. Love it. Life does inddeed happen and when it does, we need to live it 🙂 Your posts are motivating and entertaining. Well done.
    p.s. Those pies look Ah-mazing!

  2. Oh American apple pie – yum! I’m British and my memories of eating apple pie while in America were just revived by the wonderful picture of yours! I don’t blame you at all for indulging and I’m sure you will soon lose the gain.

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