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Weigh-in Week 80: Okay…not bad.

Yeah. That’s the kind of week it was. I was down 0.7lbs at WI today. So new weight is 166.3lbs and a total loss of 85.3lbs. Yippee! Got back to my official 85lbs lost 🙂

Here’s that picture again in case you forgot what 85lbs looks like:

Okay, so I’ll be honest – I thought I would have lost more. Seriously. I was a touch disappointed. But we all know other weeks I would have been over the moon with a 0.7lbs loss. I earned 43 activity points – all of which were either weight training or running – and after a couple snafus I got back on track on Friday and spent the rest of the week within my points.

However, I also pushed myself during my long run on Sunday and instead of running 8K I did 10K! Which is awesome. Yay me. But also, I’ve noticed when I do extra-long runs (what for me is an extra long run) I tend not to lose or lose little. So I’m hoping that’s what it is and that I’ll see the loss on the scale next week.

Here’s hoping I don’t jinx it, but I’m feeling pretty confident about the upcoming weeks in terms of my weight loss. I’m feeling much more in control and ready to eat healthfully. I think I’ve got the activity down, it’s really about the food right now and I want to make sure I don’t let the comfort food get out of hand.

To keep me on track I’ve once again joined a challenge on the WW forums. It’s called No Excuses in November and my goal is to lose 4lbs and get in 1200 minutes of activity. I’m doing well so far. I’m down 0.7 and I’ve gotten in 395 activity minutes!

I also bought myself a new running jacket to keep me running outside as long as I can. Well truth be told, I bought two, and now I’m going to return the one I’m not keen on. I’ll post up a pic of me wearing the one I finally decide on later this week. I’m also going to update some goals and post my activity sheet for October and my measurement – phew! Lot’s to catch up on here, but I’ll get it all up.

How’s everyone else doing with activity and exercise with the cooler weather? What are you doing to keep yourself moving?


5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 80: Okay…not bad.

  1. I tried a new cardio machine yesterday & it was awesome. And, on my last couple of dog-walks, I’ve done a little bit of run/walk/running. It just seems much easier to do now that the weather is cooler. Granted, cooler has meant 70s and 80s for the past couple of days – still – but I think it is actually objectively cooler out this morning. Can’t wait to walk/run the pup in this actual fall weather!

    Congrats on the two water bottles & a brick!

    1. Congrats on the walk/runs! Yay! That’s exactly how I started out. I agree with you – I find the cooler weather much easier to work out in 🙂 But not too cold! It dropped to 5C here – so 41F according to Google. That was a bit tough on the lungs at first, but as I did a few runs it was much easier.

  2. We got snow over the weekend, so I’ve been out running in the white stuff a couple of times. I have cold-induced asthma, so I’m already wearing something over my face, but I would still rather run outside than on the treadmill, for sure!

    Really glad to see you’re making progress with your running and weight loss. Your hard work is definitely paying off!

    1. The snow! I’m dreading it…mostly because I have no idea how to run in it. Is it slippery? Do you wear something on the bottom of your shoes?
      No snow here yet – and today it hit 17! I did an impromptu long run outside because I couldn’t just pass it up.

      Thanks! Slowly but surely. I’m not throwing the towel in just yet!

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