Busy Bee…

Yup! That’s been me!  Which means I haven’t updated my October activity sheet which means it’s not ready for me to post. Ack.

I thought I would add some unofficial progress photos. Let’s talk running and running outside. So it’s mid-November and I live in Canada. What does this mean? It means the weather will soon become frightful…

I’ve become a tiny bit obsessed with figuring out a way to keep running outside. I’ve been back a couple times on the treadmill and I have to say I am not keen on returning. And so I’ve been experimenting with what to wear outside. I bought a long-sleeved running shirt at the 5K back in April, but it’s still a touch too tight. Not too tight to wear, but it rides up. I tried running wearing a hoodie, but the cotton is just not comfortable once I’m sweating. I’ve figured out that the best combo so far is the long-sleeved running shirt tucked into my yoga pants (so it doesn’t ride up) with a t-shirt over it. Here’s what I looked like after today’s 8.25K run:


I also invested in some warmer running attire. At first a bought a wind-breaker type jacket. It was nifty with magnet attached sleeves so I could take them off and run in a vest. I tried a run in it and it just wasn’t doing it for me, it kept the sweat in and it made way too much noise. I ended up returning it (don’t worry – the store doesn’t put returns back on the floor. It ended up in the “defective” pile)  and got store credit for it which isn’t an issue as I’ll need to buy new shoes and since the store sells New Balance shoes all will be good.

I found something closer to what I was looking for – more like a hoodie, but without the hood. It’s has some reflective bands which are good since I run in the evenings and is nice and warm. I figure I’ll be able to layer underneath it as it gets cooler. In fact, it’s still a bit too warm to wear it. Here’s what it looks like!

And the BEST part…THUMB HOLES!

This means warm hands while running 😀

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow…and also I’ve realized I need to clean that mirror…of I go! Have a great week all!!


4 thoughts on “Busy Bee…

  1. I just cleaned out my dresser and found a running shirt with thumb holes that just barely fits – still a teensy bit small. I have almost no recollection of buying it, but by the time it finally gets cold enough to wear it, it should fit. I’m curious to see if I like the thumb holes or not. I’m very impressed that you are running so far these days! 8.25K!!! Go, team!

    1. I’m looking forward to the thumb holes so I can curl up my fingers inside of it when running so the cool wind doesn’t freeze me!!

      I AM running longer these days! I’ve committed to having my long run once a week be at least 8K and last week it was 10K!! I couldn’t pass up running last night since it was so warm out. Go team indeed 😀

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