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Weigh-In Week 81: On a Roll

Yippee! It’s been a while, but I finally got two losses in a row ๐Ÿ™‚ I was down 1.4lbs today for a new weight of 164.9lbs and a total loss so far of 86.7lbs.

This post will be a bit short and sweet as I won’t have time tonight to write one. But I wanted to talk about my goals – or rather my mini-goals that I have listed on the side. If we recall my last goal was to be at 160lbs by September 25th – the day of my 10K race. Well we all know that was a big ol’bust now don’t we. With all the ups and downs and struggles the last litte while that certainly wasn’t going to happen. Almost two months later and I’m not even close yet either!

So I’ve decided to set a new Mini Goal #4. I know that you shouldn’t do time-specific goals, but I like them and I don’tย  stress out if I don’t meet them. It just gives me something to strive for. To be a bit more realistic with how my weight loss is going lately I’ve decided on a modest goal: to be in the 150s before xmas 2011. Yup! So that give me 5 weeks to lose at least 5lbs. That’s realistic isn’t it?ย That’s what I’m going with so we’ll see. If I meet it, I’ll be sure to post my reward, which I’ll be honest I haven’t decided upon yet. But as always it will be non-food related. Some of my past goal rewards have been: Lady Gaga concert tickets and cute bras. I’ll have to think of something equally fun for this goal.

As in most things in my life I work best when I have a specific goal I’m working towards – which is why the races are so good for me! I also have an exercise goal in mind…but I’ll post that on its own.

Does anyone else have any goals they would like to meet before the end of the year? Official or unofficial? Scale or non-scale? Exercise?




6 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 81: On a Roll

  1. Hello: I just wanted to leave a comment, as I just stumbled on your blog in dire need of some motivation. I’m 28.6 down (through WW), and struggling with a horrible six-week plateu that people keep saying “it’ll pass”. I’ve spent the last hour browsing through your past blogs, and THANK YOU! I have now returned that Snicker bar back to the bag.
    I give you so much credit for keeping this up, and being able to see other people work through their ups and downs gives me hope that I can too.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thanks for reading my blog! Oh my goodness – your words have struck a chord. Thank you so much. It is difficult and sometimes its our body’s acting odd and sometimes its the small changes we’ve let creep back in. For me, there’s no other choice. Think about it – even if you stayed at the plateau for months, it’s better than gaining it all back. Frustrating? Yes. But still better. I now know that if I were to go back to my old habits I would gain it back, I wouldn’t maintain.

      We can all do it, we just have to get through the tough times ๐Ÿ™‚

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