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Weigh-In Week 83: Who wears size 8 jeans?

I do! Woohoo! Over the weekend I picked up a pair of new jeans at Old Navy and the 10s were too big…I had to get the 8s and they’re not even too tight, just right. What?!

On a bright note at weigh-in today I was down 1.5lbs for a new weight of 163.8lbs with a total loss of 87.8lbs. So I officially have no idea what’s up with my body. Yup, that’s where I’m at. I was expecting a gain due to over indulging on cookies and icing while baking for a party this weekend, and too much chocolate! I didn’t think I’d done enough activity, my runs were shorter this week and, and, and… well lo and behold a loss, and a pretty big one for me. I officially have no idea what’s going on.

This loss also means I came the closest I’ve been in meeting my monthly weight-loss goal since March! Woohoo – 3.2lbs this month. This is also the most I’ve lost in one month since May! Wow, talk about a slow ride. Whenever I feel bad about this, especially given the struggles since the summer I have to think back that I’ve lost almost 40lbs this year! That’s great and I shouldn’t diminish it. So yes, I am proud of my successes this year even if it wasn’t as fast as I wanted. Besides, who wants all that loose skin – not me! 😛

Also – those of you following WW – have you heard about the new changes? Apparently we’ll be told at the meetings as of December 4th – so next week for me! The teaser (and rumour) I’ve heard so far is a return to the daily points range. E.g. instead of 29, we’ll have 26-29 daily points.  Now WW likes to bring in new stuff on a fairly regular basis, but I will say my experience with WW has always been with single points target. Over the years I’ve been on: Winning Points, Flex Points, Turnaround, and Momentum – all with minimal actual changes. But this proves to be a bigger change. I’m curious to see how it goes as I know for a fact I have days were I eat below my daily target.

If you’re following WW how do you feel about the new changes coming?


14 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 83: Who wears size 8 jeans?

  1. OHHHH Isn’t that the BEST surprise?!? Congrats!

    As far as the new WW changes… bring it! I love it when they stir it up… just a little… it keeps things fresh and exciting, for me anyway! 🙂

  2. Hey, congrats on your ongoing weight loss. How inspiring. I’m another in a long list of those blogging about my weight loss. I’m a guy and started at 404. After nine weeks I’ve lost 25.2 pounds. I asked my friends on Facebook to keep me accountable and that has worked so well so far.

    Anyway, way to go! You’ve inspired me.

    Steven Gardner
    Bremerton, Washington

  3. I wonder how the WW online paying members like me will receive the new information? In any case, I always find that it gives me a boost and refreshes my mind when they change things around a little.

    WTG on the size 8! wow!

    1. Hi Caroline – Hmmm…I’m not sure. I’m a meetings member and get the etools with the monthly pass which is available in my area. I think the info will be coming online in the next week or so? Perhaps? I don’t know!

      Thanks, the 8s feel great so far 🙂

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