Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 84: Weight Watchers Program Changes

Well, here we go again with the up and down. Today I was up 0.2lbs. New weight is a round 164lbs and total loss is 87.6lbs. You know, if that extra slice of pizza I had last night only amounted to a 0.2lb gain then I’ll take it!  But in all seriousness…it’s 0.2! Quite frankly I could probably pee that out (!) Yeah, that’s right – I said it. But yes, not upset, not surprised given my week and looking forward to a MUCH better week ahead. I’d REALLY love to get to 161 so I can post new progress photos. Soon I hope!

Although, this coming week holds some special challenges namely a big xmas party on Friday night and a big, annual xmas dinner on Saturday night – TURKEY and all the fixins will be had! I must plan well and get in enough activity.

Life remains horribly busy with my days and evenings filled to the brim. I have some wonderful (I think at least!) blog post drafts and ideas, but none have come to fruition yet. Soon I hope, but perhaps it’ll have to wait until the xmas season is over? I also have to update my exercise logs and measurements…eeee…so much to do!

BUT, what I wanted to mention is that today at my meeting we started getting the information about the new Weight Watchers program for 2012. Those familiar with WW will know that every now and then they change the program – usually in the form of a name change and a few small elements. The Points to PointsPlus was by far the biggest change I’ve seen since it actually changed the value of the foods. Well this new change – called PointsPlus 2012 – is one of the smaller changes.

The biggest change is that they’ve lowered the minimum number of points per day. I used to have the minimum – 29 points – but now the lowest is 26 points. That is my new daily points target. As of when? I don’t know, it hasn’t changed online yet – perhaps January? We’re spending the next 3 weeks going over the changes to the program at our meetings. To be honest I’m really happy about this.  There’s nothing like a change to help shake things up and secondly I  always wondered how I would continue to lose without my points going down. If any of you recall, the old WW points plans all lost daily points once you got below 175lbs and again below 150lbs. Well I’ve been at 29 daily points since about 180-190lbs. Even with that I’ve noticed that to lose I have to only eat about half my weekly points. So I’m looking forward to the drop as I think it will force me to keep track of things more accurately…we all slack from time to time don’t we!…and it will diminish my total calorie intake.

We got a bunch of new readings about the program and I’ll be reading them through cover to cover. Hopefully I’ll be able to post my thoughts on the changes this weekend. In the meantime off I go. Have a great week all and if your holiday engagements are starting this early as well – keep strong but enjoy yourself! It only comes along but once a year for a reason!!


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