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Weigh-in Week 87: …oops!

Oh I enjoyed myself this weekend. Perhaps a bit a lot too much. I was up 3.8lbs at weigh in!!! WHAT!!! Yeah… New weight is 164.4lbs. Sigh. But I’m not too concerned. I’m already back on track and going to be heading to the gym this afternoon to get back into my weight-training program.

I didn’t overeat on regular food or on drink, but rather baked goods were the culprit! One of the things my mom does every year is to have a permanent dessert-platter. We had: Quality Street chocolates, apple-pineapple cake, chocolate cake, shortbread cookies, caramel wafers, coffee cake, fruit cake (yeah…I don’t eat this). This platter is constantly being re-plenished and is ALWAYS out.  Also, I didn’t track AT ALL. Part of this was the spotty internet access at my mom’s place and I just used this as an excuse. I should have been more on track – last year I managed to lose over xmas and got my 50lb star! Well I’m chalking this up to a learning experience. I cannot be trusted around baked goods. That platter is the equivalent of an all you can eat buffet. I do better when I’m served a piece and that’s it. 

Usually this kind of gain is the easiest to lose so I’m hoping to be back to my weight (or close to it) by next week. I am sticking to my 26 daily points and have dropped my weekly to 25 from 49. This is what usually works for me anyways for a loss. I am also focusing on staying away from breads/white flour as much as I can. I’ve noticed it really does affect my losses/gains. So veggies and lean proteins are the way to go.  My local grocery store sells pre-cut/pre-washed veggies (baby-carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) ready for eating and they were on sale so I stocked up.

The good things I did this weekend however were drinking lots of water and running three days in a row. It felt great. The interesting thing is now that I’m back home I don’t have a desire to overeat. This is quite new. Usually I over eat and it starts a bit of a downward spiral that I have to very consciously get over. But now, I’m excited to eat well. I am craving vegetables and non-sweets. It seems I really did get my full and my body and brain are ready for healthy eating. I am pleasantly surprised by this.

I am also dedicated to getting in more exercise over the next week and a half since I am off work until the 9th. So needless to say I didn’t get to my mini-goal of 150s. But I know I can do it in January so off I go!

Edit: There were only 3 people at my meeting yesterday at noon! I get props for even showing up right??? I think so 😉

Hope everyone survived the holidays, the family, and the eating! If you over indulged let me know your tips for getting back on track!!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 87: …oops!

  1. “Edit: There were only 3 people at my meeting yesterday at noon! I get props for even showing up right??? I think so”

    Yes indeed, good for you! I went to my 9:30 am meeting this week and even the substitute leader was AWOL (and the receptionist had no idea where she was and no way to reach her) so no meeting this week.

    In terms of cutting down on white flour, I discovered this blog recently – healthy vegan desserts! http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/ Very inspiring, and she gives lots of tips on substitutions i.e. spelt / whole wheat / white flour or agave / stevia / white sugar / maple syrup. She also has a number of single or two-sized recipes – including some she calls her “single-lady cupcakes” – adorable, and obviously a boon for portion control. Let me know what you think!

    1. It’s always a weird week after xmas I find! Just wait…usually not next week, but the week after it will be PACKED! All of January really.

      That site looks good – I’ll have to spend more time checking out her recipies. Thanks 🙂

      Happy New Year!! 🙂

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