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Happy New Year – Bringing in 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. I spent a lovely New Year’s Eve catching the fireworks display.

If you caught my post last year you’ll know that I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions – mostly because I believe that true change can happen at any time and it can only happen when one wants it to happen. You’ll never quit smoking, lose weight save money, etc. until you are ready to commit to it and do everything you have to do, no matter how unpleasant. I understand that many people like the reset that a new year provides, but it also comes with a built-in excuse for failure – “everyone gives up their resolutions!”

And, so I would rather make goals for the year rather than resolutions. My goals this year are: 1. To run the half-marathon in September and 2. to reach my goal weight.

To help me reach my goals I have started researching different training programs for the half and have been recommitted all week-long to my weight loss.

And here’s somethig I did yesterday to help me with my weight loss goal: I threw out my underwear. What?! Let me explain.  I, at 164lbs still had and was wearing(!) three pairs of underwear from when I was over 250lbs.  Yup, I had three pairs that I still wore…they were much too big and uncomfortable but I still wore them. There was something reassuring about them. But just like with new year’s resolutions I feel they had a built-in excuse for failure. If I regained I would still have them, waiting for me, welcoming me back. But no more. They’re in the garbage. With that in mind I am going to go through my closet and once again put aside all my clothes that are too big so there is no excuse. Only proper fitting clothes from this point on! No “fall-back” clothing for me this year.

Off we go to 2012!

Do you have any goals for the new year? How are you preparing for them?


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Bringing in 2012

  1. love it! Yes, the term “resolution” gets a bad rap….and they really are just goals. I stand by mine from last year….they changed my life. I’ll be adding some new goals to the mix this year. Changing up exercise…trying some new stuff, trying to eat cleaner, and working on my mental self.

    had to lol about the undies…..I just had an issue with some of mine from 45 lbs ago while doing Jillian’s 30day shred…I had to change mid-workout.

    Here’s to an even FITTER year!

    1. Great goals for the new year!

      It’s so TRUE about the undies! I’ve had them nearly fall down before taking my yoga pants almost with them – I changed the pants but not the undies!!

      Indeed here’s to a fitter new year! 🙂

  2. I’ve been having a discussion with myself about underwear, too! I have a few pairs that are way too big, but just a few days ago, instead of simply throwing them out, I moved them to my nightgown drawer, figuring I could use them for sleeping only. How ridiculous that I can’t just toss them! As soon as everyone else is awake, so I can turn on the light, I’m going to clean out the too-big underwear once and for all. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Good for you for giving up the loosey-goosey underwear!!! Coincidentally I finally decided to get rid of (or at least put aside) a few pairs of pants that are ridiculously baggy now – and look even sillier with a belt. Just bought my first pair of new pants this weekend – size 10, which I can’t remember wearing before in my adult life EVER. And I bought a new belt. Here’s to reaching – and sticking with – our goals, whatever they may be!

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