145KM in 8 weeks!

Yippee! Eight weeks ago I made a running goal on my Nike+ ipod app. My goal was to run145KM in 8 weeks. Today I officially hit that goal!

That’s only a little bit more than 18km a week – should have been fairly easy to accomplish with my 3 runs/week. But then the holidays happened and I got side-tracked and wasn’t running as often. Well this past week I’ve been on vacation and I caught up on my running so I made my goal!

I am also only 300m away from getting from the orange level to the green level – which means I’ll have run over 250KM since about October! I wish I’d made a point of knowing how far I was away from the green level…I totally could have run another 300 metres this evening!

But that’s okay – I feel great for having reached my goal 😀

I also reached an informal goal – I ran the most this week EVER! I ran 30KM in just one week and I ran 5 times this week! WOW! I’m going to take two days break right now due to work, which is probably best to help me recoup.

And some great news…I am back on track and I started keeping my January exercise log once again! I completely let this lapse from about mid-October, but I’m back and it feels good to be tracking my workouts so I can see my progress. This means I’ll be posting it once again at the end of the month. It’s been a great month so far for activity.

Hope you’re all doing well in your exercise and activity as well! Have you tried something new this month or set yourself a new goal?


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