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Weigh-in Week 92: I haven’t disappeared!

Really, I swear! I know I am behind on this post but life just got a bit hectic and I didn’t even have time to sit and do a quick update. Well Tuesday’s weigh-in wasn’t so great. I was up 2.1lbs for a new weight of 159.8lbs and a total loss of 91.8lbs.

I really can’t sigh about this one. It’s completely my fault. The week didn’t get off to a good start due to some celebrations and then it all just went downhill from there. I even stopped tracking somewhere around Saturday and that definitely didn’t help matters. My exercise was also lacking and lo and behold it all showed on the scale.

I really don’t seem to have a middle ground do I? I mean either I lose or gain a bunch, I haven’t had small gains lately, just a big one. Ah well. I’m not too beat up over it and have been getting back on track this week. I had a birthday celebration to attend on Tuesday night at a restaurant, but since then have been doing well. I’m also back on track with the exercise and have worked out everyday since Tuesday. I’m really seeing these gains as slight glitches. I no longer question my ability to get back on track. I know how and I know I can. I also know that I am more interested in eating well and moving then I am in continuing to overeat. I feel better when I take care of my body, that’s just a fact these days. Perhaps for the first time I’m really realizing that momentary satisfaction in overeating is actually not worth it. Eating well and exercising are worth it because I feel so much better all around. Life happens and there are bumps in the road right? It’s all about how we respond and react. And I choose to respond by getting back on track.

I also went out for  run this afternoon. It was cool, -8°C, but little wind and a sunny afternoon made for great outdoor running conditions. There’s still lots of snow on the ground, but it wasn’t too bad and didn’t slow me down too much. I only ran for 25 minutes as I don’t have a short scarf or face mask to wear. I wore lots of layers but near the end my face got quite cold. It was still great. I don’t get as many chances to run outside so I’m taking advantage of it when I can. Can’t wait until the weather gets better for running!

I’ll be back this weekend and I’ll be updating my measurements and exercise logs! Hope everyone else is having a good week.


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 92: I haven’t disappeared!

  1. Don’t sweat it. That’s one thing we really need to drop is the guilt about a bad snack/meal/day/week! Bumps in the road are just that. Bumps. Ride over it and keep on going! Kudos for picking yourself up and getting back on it this week! I look forward to seeing your results on Tuesday!

    Eva (PhoenixBlaise)

  2. Know that for me the weeks you gain can be every bit as inspiring as the weeks you lose, particularly when you eventually change the momentum back. I went about six weeks in my own weight loss quest in which I struggled to keep going in the right direction. Just last week after several struggles I hit a new weight loss high number. You can do it and so can I!

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