Exercise Log: January 2012!

I’m back on track with my exercise logs! Yay! I didn’t quite hit my goal of 1200 minutes for January – I was 130 minutes shy because the last weekend I completely didn’t do any activity…oops!

I entered a new challenge on WW forums for February  – Fast Forward in February – and my goals are to lose 4lbs and get in 1000 minutes for the month.  4lbs only because I think right now if I was to lose 1lb a week I’d be very happy. Hopefully I can keep it steady and avoid a bit gain this month. 1000 minutes because I have to go out of province for work for 4 days so I think that will set me back a bit and plus there’s only 29 days this month! 😉

So, here is my exercise log for January 2012. I’ve already started the one for February. The key, for me, is to log it in when I get home, no waiting around and doing it at the end of the week! As usual – click to see a bigger picture!



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