Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 93: A Good Start

Well February is off to a good start so far. Today at weigh-in I was down 2.0lbs for a new weight of 157.8lbs and a total loss so far of 93.8lbs.

So far so good. I’ve managed to lose the 2lb gain I had last week – which puts me in a much better place right now then let’s say last year where I would gain and it would take me weeks to lose it again. I’m hoping I can keep the trend. My goal is to lose 4lbs over February. I would be happy with that. I don’t want to lose to fast, especially not now when I’m starting to see my skin wrinkle and sag a bit in places. Must drink more water! Keep myself hydrated!! I have to say I find it a bit difficult during very cold months, and according to Punxsutawney Phil, we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter – bah! HOWEVER! Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, an albino groundhog, has predicted an early spring! Since I’m in Canada, I’m gonna go with Wiarton Willie on this one!

I’ve noticed that I’ve been tagged twice  this past week – once by Charity for the versatile blogger award and second by Latina Barbi for this fun little survey. oh Yay!! Thank you for thinking of me. I’m going to ponder BOTH sets of questions and answer them this weekend. How fun!! 🙂

Okay, short and sweet once again. The next two weeks are going to be crazy at work and I’m coming home late and working early. Boo!

Hope everyone has a good week and don’t let the Valentine chocolates throw you off course!


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