Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 95: Back at it

I weighed in today! Yay! But I was up 1.3lbs for a new weight of 159.1lbs and total loss of 92.5lbs.

I’m not terribly upset because wow, I’ve had quite the 2 weeks! I see a lot of weight loss challenges coming my way in the coming month and a half. I just took on a new contract that will have me working very intense hours for the next little while with no room to go and weigh-in at my regular Tuesday afternoon time. During this contract food will also be provided – which is great, but makes for lots of challenges. Even if I can guesstimate accurately how many points, it’ll probably be more points then I’m willing to give a lunch. This also means the permanent cookie and pastry tray! Oh the temptation…at least we also have a fruit tray out. I must focus on drinking my water and munching on fruit instead of pastries.  My plan is to cook my food as much as I can. Even though it hurts a bit to turn down free food, I must!

I was also sick last week. And I mean just flat out sick. I probably should have been at home for at least 2 or 3 days but this new contract meant that I couldn’t and so on top of being sick I worked 15 hour days all day. This was completely silly of me, yes. It didn’t help with the weight loss and with my overall body health. I was so sick that I didn’t remember what it was like to be healthy and started to genuinely think that I would never get better.  This, of course, meant that I wasn’t exercising. I barely had the strength for my days let alone running or going to the gym.

Then, on top of THAT I had to travel for business for four days! Let me tell you – the wonderful pressure changes that comes with a flight meant at the end of the week when I thought I was getting better – I got worse once again. While out of town for a conference all I did was attend events and then sleep – no socializing for me. Ironically enough, I was finally able to get a few nights of good sleep in a row.

So, considering all this I’m pretty stoked it was only 1.3lbs. I stopped tracking when work got insane, but I’m back to it today. I was able to get away and weigh-in and I’ve tracked all my food for the day and I have definite plans to work out this week now that I’m feeling better. Phew!

Also – I can’t believe that in 5 week it’ll be 100th weigh-in! And in 9 weeks it’ll mark my second year on this weight loss journey! I’m really hoping I can get to 100lbs in time for my 2 year anniversary. Must stay on track and not let this contract lead me off course.

How’s your February going? Has it been unseasonally warm for you too? The temperature changes are playing havoc with everyone’s health – hope you’re all getting through it well.


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