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Weigh-In Week 98: I’m Afraid

Le sigh. I was able to weigh-in this morning and I was up 1.1lbs for a new weight of 161.3lbs with a total loss of 90.2lbs. Oh dear. Clearly I haven’t gotten control of my food with this current work contract. I have, at the very least!, identified my biggest issue – snacking! I can’t control my snacking. At about 6pm it all goes downhill for me and I can’t stop snacking – bread and spinach dip is my biggest temptation. I munch, munch, munch without measuring and without thought.

How do I expect to lose weight this way?!?! I have no idea. Okay – so here’s a list of all the things that are currently frightening me. I have no solutions at this point. I can only try my best and try to snack better tomorrow – one day at a time. If I’m able to resist the chocolate-covered almonds, I can do this. Right? And to try to stay positive there’s also a (short) list of things I’m proud of…

I’m afraid of:

  • Gaining for a fourth straight week
  • No longer being in the 90s for pounds lost
  • Not being able to control my snacking
  • Not being ready for being around food I don’t control
  • Gaining every week of this contract
  • Not getting back on track
  • Letting my exercise lapse because it’s “easier” and I’m “tired”
  • Falling back into old patterns’
  • That this gain isn’t due to my monthly cycle

I’m proud of:

  • Not having eaten a chocolate-covered almond since a week ago Monday
  • Running today after working a 13 hour day
  • Having exercised both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.
  • Having ordered steamed vegetables for lunch without sauce.

Hope you’re all having a good week. If you have any suggestions – feel free to pass them along! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 98: I’m Afraid

  1. I think you’re right: if you can resist chocolate-covered almonds, you can do anything! Hang in there. This is just a blip. Get back to the basics – which is what I have to do right now, too, come to think of it.

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