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Weigh-in Week 102: I’ve gained 11.4lbs

Wow. Well that’s the final tally. After taking on a new contract that was a great opportunity two months ago the final result on my weigh-loss journey is that I’ve gained 11.4lbs. I now weigh 169.2lbs for a total loss of 82.4lbs.

This isn’t healthy, I know. This is not a good sign, I know. This doesn’t have to be the beginning of a downward spiral, I know. This is reversible, I know.

So, off I go again. I have one more week left on this contract and I am committed to getting back on track this week. I will not put it off. I need to get back into a proper eating routine – this means to do away with the mindless snacking, no more convincing myself “Oh a couple pieces won’t matter” THEY WILL! In the end it will all add up. No matter what I tell myself, the truth will show itself on my body.

My pants feel tight, my running has suffered, I just feel bloated and uncomfortable. The gain is pretty quick and to be honest I’m a bit surprised at how much I gained. It’s a lesson for sure. I always knew I’d have to watch what I ate for the rest of my life, that part I was prepared for. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how easily I could gain. I’ve read about this from countless health articles that once you’ve been obese your body no longer metabolizes food the same way – i.e. someone who is 140lbs and never had a weight problem can eat X calories, but someone who is 140lbs and has been obese cannot eat the same amount, they must eat less.

This also taught me a lesson about processed food. All my meals pretty much were take-out or delivery. So much uncontrolled salt and fat and oil. So easy to over eat.

In January I signed up for a 5K race in April. April 29th to be exact. My running has suffered. Before this past weekend I hadn’t run for 2 weeks. I only had 7 runs for all of March. Eeesh. Well coming back to it this weekend was tough. Suddenly my runs are harder, my breathing is more laboured, my runs are shorter. But I still have 19 days to get back into race form. This weekend was a good start – I ran 3 times. Friday I ran 4.16km in 25mins. Sunday I ran 4.93km in 30mins. and Monday I ran 4.24km in 25mins. Monday was a bit better than the other ones. I can feel things starting to improve – slowly. My plan is to run 4x a week until race day so I can get back into form. My goal is to beat my time from last year: 35:40. My secret goal is to get under 30mins for the 5K. We shall see. I could have done it easily in February. Now I’m not so sure.  But I know the benefits of training and so I am committed.

How I ate over the last two months:

– I had take out or ate out for almost every single meal. It was habit forming, on my days off I’d order out or eat again. It was so much easier! I have to break the habit. This past weekend I cooked dinner for the first time. It felt weird.

– Except breakfast – I still had my oatmeal breakfasts…the problem was the second breakfast I would have when I got to work!

– I snacked. Boy did I snack. It started with the chocolate covered almonds, then it turned to just nuts because they were healthier, and the bread, oh the baguettes!, and the cheese – brie, goat, you name it, I ate it.

– I didn’t cook. Barely. When at home I ate ingredients and never put them together into a meal.

I have learned so much (the hard way) but I am committed to getting back on track. I will lose this weight and reach my goal. I know I can do it, now I need to make the choices that will get me there.


4 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 102: I’ve gained 11.4lbs

  1. I’m stuck in that upward sprial, too. I manage to eat healthy all day, have great plans in place for a meal – something in the slow cooker or able to throw together in a short while. But then I always manage to cram a full days’ worth of calories in my mouth before getting to supper. And I don’t remember the last time I ran. *sigh* Thinking positive thoughts for both of us!

    1. Positive thoughts for both of us definitely! I find when I end up eating all my points/calories before supper I re-vamp my dinner and try to eat something less calorie heavy like a big salad with some protein to fill me up, or I make more veggies and fill up more of plate while I take a smaller portion of my already planned dinner. Good Luck 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting your gain….it is important to see this side of life. Oftentimes people only want to write/talk about the positives. Well, life has ups and downs. I always struggle post-vacation and did it again in Feb. I’m now back in business, but it was depressing.

    You’ve acknowledged your gain and are going to take those pounds off….no problem. You’ve got a plan and it works!!!

    1. It is important! Weight loss is not easy, simple, nor does the weight always move in one direction. This, for me, is so much more about learning how to navigate food in my day to day life. Ups and downs come with it and each time I learn something new to help me along 🙂

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