Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 103: Slowly Back on Track

Well good news! I weighed in yesterday was was down 1.0lb. For a new weight of 168.2lbs and a total loss of 83.4lbs. How exciting! I am feeling back on track and I have confidence that I can lose this temporary gain.

I also wanted to say (as I think I wasn’t clear in my last post) that I gained 11.4lbs over 2 months, not in one week! That was my total gain. Oops!!

Well things went well this week, but perhaps I was not as focussed as I could have been. But that’s okay. I still feel I ate better than I had in previous weeks and I no longer feel out of control with my eating. I still nibbled and snacked quite a bit, but I think I made some better choices.

My exercise is also coming along – I ran 3 times and got back to the gym and did weight training twice. That makes for 5 out of 7 days of activity and I felt great. It’s the most active I have been able to be since I took on the contract. My running still isn’t back to where it was at the beginning of February, but it’s coming along. I still have about a week and a half to get myself back. I am, however, worried that I may need new shoes. My feet are starting to tingle near the end of my runs and this goes away once I do my cool-down walk. I thought it was because I was tying them too tight, and that does help a bit, but I’ve also noticed that the heals of my shoes have worn signifincantly. I’m going to go by the running store I frequent – Boutique Courir – I find them to be very knowledgable and they sell the New Balance shoes I love. I’ve also been advised that I may need shoes with better arch support. We shall see.  I’ll keep you all updated.

Hope everyone is having a good week and getting back on track. It seems to be the time when we are starting to struggle.

Here’s my unsolicited advice that I plan to take myself this weekend: With the warm weather coming get out and go for a walk.  The benefits are enormous and it’s cheap, easy, and accessible. I’m missing all the walking I used to do (I’ve had to have a car for this job) so I’m looking forward to walking everywhere again next week. Sneaky ways to get more walking into your day:

  • If you drive to work or going to the store, park a bit further away and walk.
  • Right after work, change your clothes and go for a quick 20 minute walk to clear your mind.
  • Take a walk after dinner with your partner, family, friends, or alone .
  • Take a walk after lunch – don’t spend your time in front of the computer some more, get out and get some fresh air and a short walk. It’ll make for a more pleasant afternoon.

Have a great week everyone and let me know how you get more activity into your day – do you walk?


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