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Race Day Approaches!

Oh it’s coming up! Tomorrow, Sunday, morning at 8:30am eastern time to be exact. EEEE!!!

I am ready, but perhaps not as ready as I was back in February. I’ve tried hard to get back into form these last 3 weeks and I’m feeling confident I can beat my time from last year (35:41) but I’m not sure I can do it under 30mins. I will try my best, that’s all I can do. You can read about last year’s race here!

I got new shoes this week. New Balance 860s. I was going to get the stabilicore, but they didn’t have my size. I needed new shoes badly because my old ones were causing my feet to go numb at the 25 minute mark. Just look at the heels. I pronate like nobody’s business!

My well worn shoes – they lasted a year and 4 months. Probably longer than they should have, but there it is.

Here are my sparkly new shoes! And nice heels! They say shoes should last for approximately 80hrs of training. With my running of approx. 1.5-2hrs a week that’ll take me to about the first week of February 2013. However, that’s also for a 135lb woman. I just need to keep an eye on the shoes and how they’re making my feet feel.

And they currently have spiffy un-worn (is that a word?) heels!

As far as I can tell the route is the same as last years. It’s a bit odd for me to run as it follows the race track so it has much more spring than running on a sidewalk. I’m not as nervous because I know what to expect this year, but I know tomorrow morning I know I’ll be full of butterflies. Here’s the route:

Wish me luck! And please do share your stories if you race as well! 🙂


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