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Weigh-In Week 105: Two Year Weight Loss Journey Anniversary

Wow! I am so surprised – I was down 4.1lbs today at weigh-in! What!? New weight is 161.3lbs for a total loss of 90.3lbs. I’m even more convinced now that this was just a temporary gain due to poor eating, sodium filled eating, and lowered activity.  I’ve lost 7.9 of the 11.4lbs I gained over the course of the contract, and I am pleased to say I am officially at a lower weight than I was at the beginning of the year!

This week also marks an important milestone (that I almost forgot about!). I officially re-started my weight loss journey almost 2 years ago on May 4th, 2010. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Over these last two years I :

  • Lost 90.3lbs
  • Dropped over 10 dress sizes
  • Took up running having run two 5K races and one 10K race
  • Go to the gym regularly
  • Stopped drinking pop & juices and drink water/coffee/tea only
  • Learned how to watch my portion sizes
  • Learned (learning?) how to change my relationship with food.
  • Learned to reach for fruit and veggies when hungry instead of empty carbs
  • Cleaned up my kitchen – if it’s not here, I can’t eat it.
  • Tried new things I would have never tried before – like trapezing, sexy photo shoots
  • Learned to shop in regular stores and what looks good on me instead of what just fits- I’ve never had choice before!
  • Started to wear dresses (this is BIG for me)
  • Become more confident.
  • Gained a life.
  • My non-scale victories out weigh my scale ones – I feel healthier, more energetic, and ready to take on the world.

The changes are too many to list and I’m sure I’d forget a whole slew of them. My life is completely different and yet the same. I’ve adapted my eating and weight loss into my life instead of changing who I am and how I work into some restrictive diet. I’ve learned, and am still learning, how to change my approach to food. How to be fuller on less, how to eat to nourish my body and not my soul.

So, apparently cotton is customary for 2 year anniversary…HMMM…what shall I get myself 😉 I’ll let you know when I know!

Please do share your non-food reward ideas – I’m open!


11 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 105: Two Year Weight Loss Journey Anniversary

  1. Huge congrats on your 2-year anniversary. What an impressive list of changes you’ve made.

    And sounds like you’re totally back on track – good on you!

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