Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 106: Work in Progress

Well I was up at weigh-in. Up 2.9lbs to be exact. New weight is 164.2lbs with a total loss of 87.4lbs.

Can’t say I’m surprised – not because I over ate, but rather because my loss last week of 4.1lbs was insanely huge! I wouldn’t be surprised that my body is getting back to an equilibrium. It’s also a bad time of the month for weighing-in! I’ve been very bloated for the last couple of days. I’ve definitely noticed that since the weight loss, and more specifically since I’ve been under 175 (which has been forever now!) I notice monthly fluctuations a LOT more and am much more sensitive to bloating. Now, I count myself amongst the lucky ones – I do not get horrible cramps that stop me from being able to enjoy life or massive mood-swings, so I guess a bit of bloating once a month isn’t too bad.

I’m hoping that next week will show a loss. I’m focused on eating healthfully, in good portions, exercising, and drinking my water.

So I mentioned that I would get myself something cotton for my 2 year anniversary – well I did. Ah, maybe they’re not fully cotton, but that’s okay. Here’s a couple cute dresses I picked up on sale the other day:

Hope everyone has a good week! Feel free to share your rewards as well 🙂


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