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Summer! and a New Blog Design

Yup! That’s right – I’ve changed the theme of my blog. A fresh new design for the summer. The old one was feeling a bit heavy and dated. This one is lighter, and I think a more contemporary design. I’ve been looking for a new theme for some time now and I finally found one that let me keep the same widgets I wanted and allowed for a certain amount of customization. Yay! I’ve thrilled with it . Please do come by and check it out! Most things are where they were before, but a couple small changes and updates so feel free to take a spin around the block. I’m planning some more small changes in the near future – please do stick around!

But the most important thing of all! Summer has officially come to Montreal! It has been GORGEOUS the last few days. I have trouble not taking advantage of the weather and I have been out running. On Friday I ran my longest run since January – 7K! It took me 47 minutes, so a nice comfortable slow run. It was surprisingly easy. By that I mean I didn’t have to talk myself out of wanting to walk or push my legs forward nor was I huffing and puffing. I ended feeling great! And yesterday I did a nice 5K. I’m running slower than my race, but boy am I enjoying my runs more. I push myself when I want to and slow down when I need to.  So much fun!

Well this early afternoon I was headed home from a recording session – I’d intended a nice leisurely 30-40 minute walk home with a swing by the grocery store. Well, last minute I made a change and decided I would walk to the market. In Montreal we have four major public markets that are glorious! Okay, well 2 of them are, I haven’t been to the other 2. I changed course and made my way for Jean-Talon Market. It was a 40 minute walk to the market and then an hour long walk home. A wonderful way to spend the early afternoon. I bought some flowers for a pot on my balcony, some red lettuce, green onions, and locally grown gala apples. I also had some mango sorbet…delicious! To bring in the summer, enjoy the photos of my day:

Flowers at the market

Fresh vegetables
Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet. It was amazing.
Tulips on the walk home
Flowers on my balcony planted. This year’s colours are purple and white!

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