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Weigh-in Week 108: The Cheese & Crackers Did Me In!

Well folks, I was up 1.1lbs at weigh-in for a new total of 161.3lbs and a total loss of 90.3lbs.  So this up and down is getting really old, really fast for me. But hey, at least it wasn’t a 3lb gain again. Sigh.

But I’m actually serious about the cheese and crackers – I had a lot of both, and quite a bit that never made it to my tracker. Clearly I can’t do this. I can’t assume I am eating within my points.

The worst part is actually my reaction yesterday. I came to work after weigh-in and proceeded to eat a bunch of cookies around the office. Blah! And then while baking cookies last night for a function I munched on some of the dough. Blah again! Oh sugar…you are so addictive. I do so well without and then once I start, it’s so hard to stop. But let’s be honest here – I wasn’t exactly trying to stop myself either. Well no more cookies at work (we have about 4 boxes currently open left over from events and cookies my co-workers eat).

But let’s also be honest…I didn’t track them until today afternoon. I REALLY didn’t want to track them. It was so frustrating. I was deeply unhappy with myself for having let myself lose control. But let’s be honest for a third time here – it could have, and has been, much worse. I went over my daily points by 5. So not that much in the greater scheme of things, and not that much that I can’t get my week back. I do have an event on Saturday I have to be ready for. I won’t be able to track as I go, well maybe I’ll take photos with my phone so I can track afterwards.

This gain definitely hit me where it hurts, the ego. I was actually hoping for a small loss. Wasn’t expecting a big one, but the gain through me for a loop. I had run 4 times this week and thought that would help. But alas.

This was also a long weekend in Canada, Victoria Day, which tends to mark the unofficial start of summer. It’s usually the weekend the BBQs get dusted off, and a friend and I did just that! Here is the BBQ getting fired up:

My strategy for eating with the BBQ was to only cook as much as we could eat. We grilled three tandoori chicken breasts – 2 for him and 1 for me, some red and green peppers, and asparagus. (And a couple papadums we made on the stove!) Along with a couple (fine, exactly 2) gin & tonics it worked out very well (and was not responsible for my gain this week). Delicious food:

I plan to be more on track this week and write down EVERY SINGLE bite.  Weight loss is mostly about what you eat, so I can’t let that fall off by the wayside. Nope. Not an option.

Hope everyone is having a good week. And tell me, have you broken out the BBQ yet? What are your BBQ strategies for not overeating?



5 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 108: The Cheese & Crackers Did Me In!

  1. I find there are foods I just can’t eat at all, or be around, because I know I have no control on them. I’m like a crack addicts in a crackhouse – there’s NO WAY I can say no. So I’ve just decreed we can’t have them in the house, and I don’t buy them.

    Dairy chocolate falls into tis category, as do creamy cheeses. So do crackers and chocolate biscuits.

    It’s up to you how you manage it, but maybe some hard decisions like just deciding these foods can’t come into the house might work for you.

    1. Same here! In fact, I sometimes ask my husband to hide certain things from me in the house, saying they’re like crack. (chocolate-covered almonds, anyone?) But it’s difficult when you work in an office with others, who may not be aware of your situation… how do you ask them to hide the cookies without raising eyebrows? 😉

      1. Ask. My guess is that you’re not the only one battling the bulge at the office, and for whom the snacks are a problem! I used to work in an office of all guys except me and the admin chick (I work in a male-dominated field), and there were always snacks about. In the end, I put an email out to everyone, saying that I wanted the snacks to go in a cupboard out of view, as I was eating too many of them and getting fat!

        Turned out, when I actually *said* something, about half the guys felt the same way, but – being men (sigh!) – they’d not wanted to say anything. That figures! One guy even suggested we ditch the cookies and switch to fruit. That never happened, but what *did* happen was the snacks went into a cupboard for when there were meetings without outside clients, and people ended up being responsible for their own treats, which they kept in their own desk drawers.

        I switched to sugarfree sweets and protein bars, and felt a lot happier – as did everyone else.

        So don’t assume it’s just you. I’d bet half the office (or more) are also having problems with the snacks too.

        I figure you have a choice – either stand up for your health, or let others decide what you eat, by being compliant and having the stuff on view – as it sounds like you’re like me and can’t control your eating around these foods 😦

        I bet you’ll find people are happy to change. At least, you stand to lose nothing by asking, except having people realise you care about your own health and wellbeing – and what’s so bad about that?

        Good luck, whatever you choose to do.

        1. Another thing – if the snacks go (or get hidden), immediately replace them with something healthy that is low-cal and portion-controlled. Your body will be used to getting its “fix” and the last thing you want is to let yourself get hungry, then go out for lunch and end up eating more calories / fat than if you’d just had a cookie! Planning is everything. I can really recommend those protein bars you can get that have about 130 cals apiece. They’re calorie and portion-controlled, and really filling. And bananas – bananas are great 🙂 Have a morning tea *and* an afternoon tea, so you don’t ever feel hungry enough to binge.

        2. Thanks for the advice lethal astronaut, I should have been more clear that the cheese and crackers were at various events and functions – if you go through my past two years of posts you’ll quickly see I stick to fruits and veg for snacking as I am trying to eliminate processed foods as I go (so no 100-calorie packs, snack bars, or granola bars to be seen – nothing with added the sugar).

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