Weight Loss

So far so good…

So this week has been going really well so far. I’ve been within my daily points everyday except yesterday when I picked up a burrito for dinner. But I still have weekly points available to me. I’m also pleased that the extra points were needed because of dinner and not because I binged on something. This is a small step back in the right direction.

I’ve also arrived in NYC for the 3 week stint and I’m happy to announce I went for a run today! I’m staying in an apartment so I have access to a kitchen to cook my food so I’ve spent the day buying groceries to be prepared to make my lunches and dinners for the week. I’ll have to bring both meals with me each morning, so that’s a lot of food!

One of the ways I try to help myself to stay on track while traveling is that I travel with my oatmeal! Yuppers 🙂 It might be silly, but I find it works for me. This way I know exactly how many points it is and I don’t have to try to find the brands I like in a different city with different grocery stores. I picked up some frozen strawberries to add to my oatmeal in the mornings.

I also bought food to make turkey or tuna wraps all week as well as enough fruit and cut vegetables for snacks, hummus for dipping and some Kashi brand granola bars. For dinner I bought ingredients to make my own pasta sauce and whole wheat penne. Today I made some whole wheat pasta and a tomato, mushroom, spinach. Sorry the photo’s not great, it was dark and my flash isn’t fabulous.

That’s two tupperwares of dinner each filled with one cup of whole wheat pasta and a cup of sauce, beside that is extra sauce to be used later on this week. I chose not to buy any crackers or peanut butter, or even single serving chocolates. I really wanted to. REALLY WANTED TO. But I had to talk to myself – I knew if I had these in my place at night when I got home I would eat them without control. I think I have a good plan for the week. That’s all I can do, take it day by day and week by week.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the summer weather!


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