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Weigh-in Week 116: Well hello 150’s again!

YEAH!!! I am back in the 150s! Yesterday at weigh-in I was down 1.2lbs for a new weight of 159.4lbs and a total loss of 92.2lbs. Yippee! Seems this getting on track in NYC is working. The hours are long and so I committed to making my food for lunch and dinner here and have kept it up for most days.

I’ll be honest, the food has not been exciting. I eat my oatmeal for breakfast, banana for a snack, a turkey wrap for lunch with a granola bar and some fruit, pasta with vegetable sauce for dinner with veggies, hummus, and fruit for dinner with popcorn or some other healthier snack at night. Not exciting, but it’s keeping me full and on track. I feel so great! It’s always good for me to be reminded that the long term benefits of eating healthfully out weight the short term benefits of sugary, heavy food.

Although that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed myself. I went out for dinner one night with a friend and hit up a nice underground speakeasy and had a couple decadent cocktails and some lovely ice cream. I also, one night I had this lovely coconut ice cream for dessert!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week 116: Well hello 150’s again!

  1. Sometimes it’s just easier to eat the same thing (or something very similar) if it works, right? I’m the same way. It’s rare for me not to have oatmeal at breakfast, but I do mix things up at other meals. Congrats on being back in the 150s!

    1. Oh definitely. I do eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast, but change around the fruit I eat with it. The rest of the meals are the same due to my NYC trip. I’m here for an extended stay for work and to keep costs down and with the time I spend at work (12 hrs a day, 6 days a week) this is just the easiest right now. I don’t think I’ll eat pasta for a long time when I get home!

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