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Blogiversary Giveaway! (and I’m on Twitter!)

As promised here it is! My blogiversary giveaway. Last year I gave away my favourite baking cookbook – One Smart Cookie. Which if you love baking, but are trying to keep your food healthy or your fat consumption down you much check it out! No recipe has more than 1/4 cup of butter, but the flavours are wonderful! My favourite is the chocolava cookies and I use her sugar cookie recipe as my stand by.  If you’re interested in her book check it out here: Canada: Chapters/Indigo or USA: Amazon.com.

Well this year my celebratory giveaway is another book (because I like my reading!):

Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? by Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D. is a fantastic book! I was reading it on my subway commutes in NYC and it was super engaging. If you’re like to know the science behind exercise then this is the book for you. Written in such a way that it super easy to understand for the normal person I thought it had some great information about the science of working out. In general I dislike “health” magazines as they usually just promote trends without talking about the science behind it – why it works, how to do it properly, how often to do it. In this book no only does he do away with some pretty prevalent myths, but also provides some great examples of exercises and how to do them properly. This is a great, easy, and informative read that I highly recommend to anyone interested in knowing whats going on in your body when you work out.

Also – I’ve decided to try my hand at tweeting and now you can find me on Twitter right here: https://twitter.com/pound_per_pound. Follow me and let me know about your account so I can follow you right back!


This giveaway is open to residents of Canada or the US only (I can’t afford overseas shipping! Sorry!) and will be sent to you either through Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

Open until Friday, August 10th 11:59pm. Saturday morning I’ll announce the winner!

How to enter: Just leave me a comment below with your favourite exercise/workout/or how you get activity into your everyday life.

Second way to enter: Follow me on twitter and leave me a tweet! Leave me a comment here that you’re following me.

How I choose the winner: I’ll use random.org to choose a number corresponding to your comment – which is why you must leave me a second comment here if you enter through twitter also.

*Disclaimer* – All opinions are my own. No one has paid me to say or promote any books or products, I just really like them so I choose to promote them. Giveaways have not been provided to me, I have personally paid for the giveaway


20 thoughts on “Blogiversary Giveaway! (and I’m on Twitter!)

  1. Hmmm… favorite workout? That’s a tough question. It’s not that I necessarily love to work out, but rather the feeling I get afterwards. I guess I would have to say a good, long run on a cool, foggy morning.

  2. I’m a cardio girl. Long ago, someone told me the fastest way to get in shape was running. It took it to heart. I love my treadmill. Years ago, before kids, I was at a point where I could flat out run for 30-40 minutes and still keep up a conversation. I remember being at the gym with my younger and super health conscious sister and she was impressed by my stamina, which out-did hers. I’d love to get back to that place.

  3. After loosing my first 15 pounds, I decided to give a circuit training class a try. I was terrified of work out in front of others, but I promised myself I’d give it a shot. Tried it once, been addicted since! I go to circuit training twice a week. I love the motivation I get from others and how we push eachother to our limits is amazing!

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