Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 119: No weigh-in and the insatiable hunger

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So no weigh-in today. I’ve mentioned before that I do mostly contract work and I got called in last minute in for a possible new job – can’t turn down that opportunity so off I went. To be honest, I’m not distraught over it. I was kinda expecting a gain. I know, I know, I KNOW! That’s the time I should I go for a WI. But I didn’t and here I am. I’m having a fantastically great day so far food and exercise wise! I’ve been on track and tracking everything. Breakfast was oatmeal and coffee, lunch was an avocado and a chicken breast, veggies & fruit for snacks, a 35 minute run (just over 5K at a moderate pace) after work, and a HUGE 3-egg omelette for dinner and all within my daily points. Wow, I haven’t eaten eggs in ages! So good and great source of post-run protein. I’ve forgotten how much better a whole dinner tastes rather than wasting my points on snacking during the day!

I know when I stay within my points  and eat good food I lose. So why is it so difficult sometimes? Why, like this past week, did it feel like my hunger was insatiable. I could have eaten from morning til night and not felt full. What gives body? I know that with weight loss your body starts working against you and increases your hunger to bring your weight back up (if you’re interested you can read about the science here). But come on! It was insane this week. I’d think I had it under control and then…nope! No I didn’t!

Okay, but I’m back on track now which is what matters. I’m also reminded of this little gem going around the facebook interwebs thanks to the awesome George Takei. So yeah, this week might have been a fail, but it’s no reason to give up and to not keep going. Slow and un-steady it might be, but it’s a heck of a lot better than weighing 250lbs I’ll tell you that!



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