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Weigh-In Week 123: Clearing out the memos on my phone…

Well, well, well. Lookie here – after a long weekend I actually managed to be down 0.5lbs! New weight is 160.6lbs with a total lost of 91lbs. Still in that problem range for me, but boy am I happy to see a loss after the long weekend.

My birthday is also this coming week and I celebrated a bit of it during the the long weekend as I was out hanging out with family. I spent the weekend up about an hour north of Toronto at my mom’s place. I did very little but swim, eat, read, watch satellite tv, bake and RUN! It was a nice relaxing weekend. I’m especially proud of my running because let me tell you there are no flat roads the area! The one road I ran on (because there are no other roads near us) was all rolling hills. You’d run up get to the top and come right back down and then right back up. Ooph! It was tough. Very little shade also and since I’m on a country road I didn’t dare run at night: no street lights, pitch black darkness and no sidewalks and 80km/hr speed limits DO NOT mix! I managed to run 15 km this weekend – three days in a row! Yippee! Check out my chart – a good start to the month 🙂

Then on my way home from my mini-vacation I started going through my old memos to self on my phone. Have you every done that? Cleared them out – there’s some useful stuff I meant to remember on there! The one note that caught my eye was actually from a weight watchers meeting. Now, I rarely write things down in the meeting, but this was especially appropriate to me right now.  Here is what it said:

“Motivated by what we are moving away from. But as you go have to work at being motivated. See the changes. Happy to work at them. Reach an attitude plateau. The behaviour plateau.

The unknown

The ‘good-enough’

Slack off

We let ourselves get discouraged”

Alright, so it’s not going to win any grammar awards but the gist of it is clear. WE HAVE TO WORK AT BEING AND STAYING MOTIVATED. Just because the motivation wanes nthat does not mean we stop trying.

This also reminds me that the behaviour plateau is even worse! I’ve mentioned the ‘good-enough’ problem before – where I’m happy with my body and the clothes I fit into so I slack, and a little bit of slack turns into a whole lotta slack. And I  let myself get discouraged to easily (which also doesn’t help the

This is good reminder to keep looking forward. Keep up my motivation. Keep the discouragement at bay.  I am going to focus on being more positive about my weight loss this week. Let’s start:

I WILL break through this plateau.

I CAN eat healthy, good tasting food and be satisfied.

I WILL reach my goal weight.

How about you? How do you keep your motivation up and discouragement at bay?


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