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Weigh-In Week 124: Oh no…

Oh no…we’ll if you’re following me on Twitter you already know. I gained 3.6lbs at weigh in. New weight is 164.0 and  a total loss of 87.6lbs. Blargh. So much for back on track right?

Well let’s be honest about something – I indulged. Why? Because it was my birthday! My celebrations lasted about 3 days filled with cake and cookies so I guess I kinda deserve it.  Here was one of my birthday cakes…chocolate chai!

BUT! Yes, there’s a but.

I wasn’t expecting this big of a gain. Honestly. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great week. I thought maybe a  small gain or a stay the same (but I should know better…my body NEVER stays the same) but this…3.6 this I was NOT expecting at all. Mostly because I don’t feel it on my body. Usually, my pants feel tighter, or my tummy feels bigger. Small little changes I can feel, especially with such a large gain. But there was no warning! There was nothing to suggest the big again. I walked to my weigh-in happy and blissful in my ignorance only to be rendered speechless moments later.

Well, the good thing was that the topic  at this weeks meeting was all about changing our habits. And that is what I need! I’ve spoken about my habit of late night snacking and eating in front of the computer. Sadly I haven’t been able to conquer these yet (clearly given the gain!).

I decided to actually fill out the weekly flyer’s “3 Steps to Better Habits”. Here are my answers:

1. Step 1 – Identify the cue: My cues include late nights in front of the computer (either working or watching shows online or just surfing) and (very sad to admit this) Pinterest. Yes. I’ve officially decided that Pinterest, although amazing, is actually quite triggering for me.

2. Step 2 – Determine the Reward: What’s my reward for overeating at night? Well really nothing, but actually it provides me with immediate relief/relaxation with almost no effort. Seriously – it takes no effort to eat and it feels really good in the moment.

3. Step 3 – Insert a new routine: This is what I’m not sure of yet. What can I do? Firstly I think I need to focus on going to bed earlier. If I want to watch something at night I can always bring my laptop with me and put it aside afterwards. I NEVER eat in bed. Nope. Never, not even a coffee. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. I also am going to buy some snackable fruit for the evening – like grapes or berries. Something that will take me a long time to eat, but is still healthy.

So that’s what I’ve got so far. A few bad habits that I just haven’t been able to change. Maybe if I stop focusing on the weight loss and put my energies into changing some of these habits I’m not thrilled with then maybe the weight loss will follow?

Have any of you had bad habits you’ve been able to change? How’d you do it??


7 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 124: Oh no…

  1. I’m with you on your answer to #2. It’s the speed of eating that’s the killer. Sure, a walk or doing some yoga will help me deal with stress and make me feel better, but that takes time, and eating is so much FASTER and easier. If you figure out an alternative, let me know! I’m getting better at the stress eating, honestly, and a lot of that has to do with recognizing that when I’m stress eating, I’m looking for a comfort and a distraction. Once I recognize what I’m doing, I’m better at stopping myself from eating whatever it is that I find in the pantry.

    1. Tell me about it! I could eat another day’s worth of calories while getting my shoes on. I’m working on not bringing things into the house at this point. I used to be about to have something like a jar of peanut butter (I’m not a huge pb fan) for a while, but lately I’ll eat anything. I’ve started freezing leftovers that I would usually put in the fridge so at least I can slow myself down! It’s been helping I must say – not back at the point I want to be in my relationship with food, but working on it. You let me know if you have any tips/tricks too!

  2. Happy Birthday first off. I am trying to figure out what my bad habits are. Of course the 1st bad habit is that I eat and eat and eat. No matter if I am bored or stressed or emotional. I am trying to figure out what I can do to keep myself from going to the kitchen. I have tried to walk it off or just get in the car and drive somewhere but that only lasts so long. I am not working right now either so that adds to the eating. Another one of my bad habits are that I put SO much pressure on myself that I can’t keep up and then I lose faith in myself. And the guilt really gets to you. Sometimes if I had a really bad day of eating I won’t eat the next day.

    1. Thank you Ashley. I replied to your post in the About Me section more in depth, but can I suggest that you start from the beginning – I can read how overwhelmed you are with this (add on to that guilt eating/not-eating and pressure from family/friends).

      Instead of jumping in head first, why don’t you try writing down everything you eat for one week (you can do it online – My Fitness Pal or Spark People) or even just on the computer or a notepad. Don’t change what/how/when you eat – just write it down. After a week sit down and take a good look at it – and from there start to make SMALL changes. Perhaps you want to eat half as much at dinner, or you change fries to a potato one night, or you drink one extra glass of plain water each day. Small changes will add up and writing it down will help you get control when you can see exactly what you are eating (and no, just keeping track in your head doesn’t count. WRITE IT DOWN!)

      *note I am not a doctor in any way, none of this is medical advice – please do go speak to your doctor – s/he can help get you on the right path to weight loss and getting your eating under control*

  3. I’ve had so much fun looking through your blog that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out Girl and Her Pink Backpack for the rules and pass it on.

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