Weight Loss

Weigh-in Week 125: No weigh-in

Well, the life of a contract worker means sometimes a job is just too good to pass up and weighing-in is just not possible. This was such a week. I got called in to work on an independent film and so off I went.  This will be short and sweet because I’m very tired and need a good night’s sleep tonight.

I always find working on tv or films very, very difficult when dealing with food. Most of your food is provided for, which can be great, but it’s not usually the healthiest of foods. The hours (12+ per day) don’t usually lend themselves to healthy eating/snacking habits. I have to say I caved to day and ate a Tim Horton’s muffin and some timbits. I was working on empty and it was a quick fix. My goal is to be more conscious of what I’m grabbing to eat for the rest of the week. Apples are usually around, so are bananas and oranges so I’ll try to grab one of those instead. Wish me luck and I should be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!

On a positive note, my foot is feeling MUCH better. I think the rest has done it very well. I’ll run a slow 5K this weekend to get back into it and start to increase my training again, but this time I think I’ll avoid running 2 days in a row for now.



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