Weight Loss

Weigh-In Week 127: Back in the 90s

I was down 0.8lbs on Tuesday at WI! New weight is 161.4lbs with a total loss of 90.2lbs.

I am so happy to say that so far, I’ve survived my film gig without the weight-gain I experienced last time. This gives me hope that I can in fact manage my eating in the long term. HOWEVER…that said I’m pretty sure to have a gain next week. Why? Well because it’s THANKSGIVING!!!

This is going to be a challenge because the big dinner is Monday night before weigh-in.  Ah well. It’s one week in the entirety of my life. I know that it will be temporary and I’ll be back on track. But I would like to continue this losing “streak” I’m on. I’m going to take this week day by day and see how it goes.

The good news is that this past weekend I ran my training 10K! And in great time! I ran it 10 seconds faster than my 10K last year! Woohoo! I have a race coming up on October 14th (I’ll post more about it soon) so I am trying to stay on track with my running so I’m fully ready for the race.

Sorry this post is so short (and 2 days late!) but I’m exhausted from the job which officially ended this morning. I’ll be back in better form this weekend.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year what are your plans for getting through Thanksgiving Dinner???


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