Weight Loss

Two On-Track Days!

So, I don’t want to jinx it…but I’ve had 2 really great days food-wise. Here’ s what happened:


  • Drank my water, even had 2 glasses before bed so I would not wake up dehydrated.
  • Had to buy my lunch, but opted for a big bowl of vegetable pho. Kept me full all afternoon.
  • Ate half a small piece of cake when celebrating a co-worker’s birthday even though more than one person tried to literally force me to eat more by pushing a full piece in my hands and blocking the knives so I wouldn’t be able to cut it.
  • I ate within my points for the day.


  • I drank my water. I want to get in at least 500ml more before bed.
  • I had veggies as a snack during lunch as promised. See photo below.
  • I ate my baked oatmeal snack at around 3:30pm when I was feeling peckish
  • I made Baked Chicken Parmesan for dinner and some cooked beets. Check out the chicken recipe and instructional video on Laura’s great blog – Becoming the Odd Duck. She totally supported my running way back when I was starting out. 🙂 See what mine ended up looking like below. (Note I also whipped up a quick home-made tomato sauce for these. Delish!)
  • I went for a 5K run and ran fast (for me!) I felt great.
  • I have eaten within my points for the day – including the late-night hot chocolate!


3 thoughts on “Two On-Track Days!

  1. Congrats on a good day! 🙂 I just started following you so I still have your other blogs to read, but you mentioned points, so are you doing WW? Either way congrats & good luck on your weight loss.

    1. Hi! Thanks for coming by! Yes, I am doing WW. It works for me – I need the accountability of having somewhere else to be to be weighed-in and also I find it easier to calorie-count with points (which is ultimately what WW is in my opinion). But I don’t eat their foods, I avoid as much processed food as I can.

      Please do check out my other posts! I’ve been stuck for about a year now, but still pushing through – the alternative is not an option.

      Welcome! 🙂

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