My Weekend.

Feeling pretty good this weekend in my outfit. Disregard the SUPER dirty mirror – it’s not mine, I swear! (and this one was the cleaner of the 2 I had to choose from).  Totally found high boots wide enough from my crazy calves at Payless.

Indian food. ’nuff said.

Tried a new recipe. Rice & Bean Casserole right here. But I added shrimp and subbed leeks for green onions and portabello mushrooms for the canned mushrooms. Delicious and filling! Mine ended up being 5 points per cup without the cheese.

I got flowers for opening night (they go with that outfit above). Joy.

Back to running after a week-long break due to above mentioned opening night. Feels great and super happy with my pace.


4 thoughts on “My Weekend.

  1. You look incredible hun! Very inspirational….as I need a super large kick up the butt at the moment! 😉
    Anyway, had the same boots problem….can’t get any to fit over my ginormous calves! I suppose I better hit the gym if I want some nice footwear…heheeee!!!
    Well, keep at it. You’re doing great! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for coming by! I don’t think my running is helping slim the calves, but the muscles are looking good. Who knows, maybe if I can get my butt in gear and finish off the final 20lbs it’ll come off my calves 😉 Keep at it as well!

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