Measurements: November 2012

Oh! So it truly has been one whole year since I took my measurements. Well here they are, in inches and centimetres. (Click on it to see a bigger jpg)

Although I’ve only lost 6lbs in a year (gah!) I have lost 6 1/2 inches all around. This feels  pretty good. My body shape does feel different and clothes that didn’t fit well before fit better now even though the actual number on the scale hasn’t changed very much. I need to get back into this each month. I think it will give me the motivation I’m looking for. And hey, I should never forget that I’ve lost a TOTAL of 44 1/4 inches off my body. That’s a heck of a lot and something I should remember and be proud of – and not be discouraged by what I still have to lose!

I’m kinda thrilled about my calves though – 16 3/4!!! Wow! I know that’s still huge, but slowly and surely I’m getting down to a “normal” size…normal in that I can buy knee-high boots from a regular store 🙂

Do you take your measurements? Are they telling you a different story than the weight loss?


2 thoughts on “Measurements: November 2012

  1. Wow that is an amazing result!! My measurements always tell a different story to my weight! Especially if I have been doing a lot of strength training!! But I always feel better when I do workouts with weights! Really need to haul my arse into a Gym Stat!!

    1. I totally agree with you! I may not have lost a lot, but my body has changed. I try to do weight training 2x a week and always feel great afterwards as well! The gym is a good place 🙂

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