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REASON FOR LOSING WEIGHT 3: To wear pretty clothes

Okay. So as shallow as this may sound, it’s the truth. When I was overweight I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted too. Usually because it was a style that just didn’t look good on a round body. Most clothes just are not designed for over-weight bodies. They don’t sit right or they ride up either at the front or the back.

Most of the time I had to wear what fit rather than what I wanted. So I lived in jeans, hoodies, and non-button up shirts. I’ll be honest, I kinda looked the same each time. In the summer, no shorts – no sireee, I wore cargo capris or jeans. Yes, I suffered through horrible summers constantly over-heating. I never wore a tank-top or anything without sleeves because I hated this weird fat line on my upper arm (which is still there I might add…but smaller, I’m working on it). My clothes said nothing about my personality, they were simply the covering I could find. And because I sweated so much I opted for black or white tops to hid the wet stains. I don’t think I did a very good job hiding it. Dress and skirts? Never. Now there are some very nice plus size clothing out there, but they’re expensive and I couldn’t afford them. And they look like old people clothing. I grew up over weight at a time where there was no Old Navy in Canada or online shopping.  So when I found hoodies – hahaha! something to cover the rolls! – I was hooked.

I used to always say I hated shopping – but the truth was that I hated shopping with other people. I couldn’t shop in the same stores my friends did because they just didn’t have the sizes. And I wasn’t going to bring them with me to the plus-sized stores. Which I have to say as a youth, or even in my 20s was terribly embarrassing to go to. It was like if anyone saw me enter those stores I would be admitting I was fat. WHAT!? Why are we always honest with ourselves last? I wanted my humiliation when clothes didn’t fit or I had to go up a size again or they didn’t have my size to be mine and mine alone.

And now I’ll fill you in no a not-so-secret secret. I like shopping. Turns out, I love dresses. Especially the sweater dresses that are in style. You don’t need to know how many I own…seriously you don’t. I can now buy most clothes in a store (still depending on the store) and I have CHOICE. Glorious choice.  And an extra perk I found out only after losing weight: uhmmm…non-plus size clothing is A LOT cheaper! I won’t go into why I think that is or what the reasoning is for that right now…but clearly from this post I should do some more about clothing. I can’t deny how much the shape of my body has changed and how that has completely changed my relationship with clothing and how I choose to present myself to the world.

Now, I still can’t wear everything I want, but I did find out what cuts and styles actually look good me, which I didn’t before. A-line skirts just don’t work no matter how cute I find them, I’m short and I have thick legs, it ain’t gonna happen. However, pencil skirts and dresses? I totally rock those! And I love them!


7 thoughts on “REASON FOR LOSING WEIGHT 3: To wear pretty clothes

  1. I think anyone who says they are not losing weight for nicer clothes is lying. it might not be number one reason, but it is there.
    I am now amazed that i can pick up almost anything and it will fit. sometimes i don’t even have to try it on.
    the choices are the best part. i also love that i can wear boots. its the one thing that drove me nuts coz of my humongous calf. now i can just pick some out and they almost always fit. still need to loose a couple of inches there though.
    enjoy the shopping.

  2. I think this is a great reason and definitely one on my list! I looove Pencil skirts, I thought cos they were a bit tighter and straight that they wouldn’t look so good, but boy was I wrong! I still love a A-line skirt occasionally but it normally has to be paired with a pair of Stilettos so my legs look longer, Being 157cm (5ft,1) I am very short so certain styles that I like do not suit my height! How tall are you?

    1. I’m 5’4″ (163cm) but, as my mom before me, I have big legs so the A-line just makes me look shorter. I can’t wear capris because they look ridiculous on me! Too long to be capris and too short to be proper pants.

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