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REASON FOR LOSING WEIGHT 6: To not be out of breath

So you might think this one could be rolled into other ones I’ve already mentioned. Perhaps. But this one needs its own post because I have to admit something to you all and I have to ask you a question if you have ever been overweight, and I mean seriously overweight like I was:

Have you ever faked a yawn to cover up being out of breath?

I’m dead serious. I have done this. I have done this more than once, in fact I kinda thought myself an expert at this. I would do this after walking up a hill with some friends. Or after walking up a staircase or two. Or after bending over the tie a shoelace or pick something up.

I have no idea if I was ever fooling anybody.  I convinced myself I was and that was the most important part. It was embarrassing to me to be out of breath. How had I let my body get to that point?!

I decided I had to get over my fear of being out of breath and actually start to move my body. I decided that if I was embarrassed with other people that I would start along and so I  started walking home from work. It was a 5K walk up over the mountain. In the summer. I would be panting all the way up, but I didn’t care. I was alone and on a route not often traveled. I sweated and I huffed-and-puffed. Eventually it became easier and my breathing got easier.

I no longer worry about having to run for the bus or race down the stairs to catch the subway because I’ll be completely winded. It’s much nicer when you know you can rely on your lungs to keep going.


6 thoughts on “REASON FOR LOSING WEIGHT 6: To not be out of breath

  1. Have never faked a yawn (never thought of that!), but definitely tried to minimize talking and strategically planned my breaths when talking so that I didn’t sound like I was huffing and puffing.

  2. Never pretended to yawn, but I pretended to have a coughing fit. And I do still get out of breath at almost nothing, but I’m doing something about it, so I don’t feel as ashamed.

    1. Coughing fit – hadn’t thought of that one! I think you’re right though – once I knew I was doing something about it, I didn’t feel the shame of huffing and puffing. It definitely is all about our mindset isn’t it?

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