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Weigh-In Week 136: Habits, Habits, Habits (oh, and new Weight Watchers 360°)

Well today at weigh in I was up 1.0lbs for a new weight of 157.5lbs and a total loss of 94.1lbs. Boo. But to be expected. I had trouble at my xmas dinner this weekend. I also ran a lot (My long run was an unexpected 10K!) and both these things helped me show a gain today. Mrrfph.

I have to say I did really well during my holiday dinner…until dessert, sorta. I was able to resist the non-delicious looking rum balls, the store-bought Queen Elizabeth cake, and even limited myself with the gingerbread men cookies to just one. HOWEVER. Yes, isn’t there always a however…a friend brought home made chocolate macaroon cookies – like the ones that are chocolate and coconut, not the French pastries. Well coconut is one of my weaknesses and needless to say I have no idea how many I ate. Really, no clue. I lost count. I also noticed some of my bad habits coming back. These bad habits that have been keeping me stuck all year like the little voice in my head that says things like: “oh, how much damage can one cookie do?”, “oh, so good, if one is good, two (three, four) will be even better”. Bah! Shut up. That is so not true. Not true at all. I also saw some late night snacking come sneaking back in. Double Bah!

But, I’m feeling good about this upcoming week and getting back on track. My head seems to be back in the game so to speak and I’m confident I can re-banish the bad habits. This first dinner was a wake up call and I know I have to re-evaluate my approach to events. I’ve prepped veggies for snacking for the week and prepped low point lunches for the week to help me get through.

Also – did you read that in the first paragraph? My long run this weekend was a 10k! I meant to do 9, but felt great and kept going! I felt amazing afterwards. Now to work my way up to a 12k. I’ve never run for more than 10k. I’d like to give it a try before the end of the year. That gives me 3 more weeks!

Yes – I forgot to take my measurements. Mea culpa. I will take them this weekend!

This week Weight Watchers also launched it’s “new” program called 360° – fear not for those afraid of change – it’s not a major overhaul like the PointsPlus system was, rather it’s one of their yearly upgrades. Not much different except that they are now focusing on things like changing habits and developing healthy routines in places of unhealthy ones. It seems pretty cool so far.  I’ll do a post about it this week once I’ve read through all the material. They did, clearly, get a spiffy more contemporary design though. Although is it just me or does the 6 look weird?



2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 136: Habits, Habits, Habits (oh, and new Weight Watchers 360°)

  1. If only there was a single on/off switch for indulgence! Instead, it sometimes seems to be that there are tons of little food buttons, just waiting to be activated!
    Sorry you had a gain this week!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s true. In my head I know exactly what to do…but sometimes it seems like the hardest thing in the world in that moment, on that day. So be it. I’m taking as a learning experience and I hope to show a loss this week. I’d love to get under 155 so I feel like I’ve really left those 160s behind. They’re starting to haunt me now! 🙂

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