Christmas…and the decorations…have arrived!

I won’t lie. I’ve been decorating…I’ve been decorating a lot. It bring a little joy into my life. I love xmas and xmas decorations.

These are chocolate truffles I made for my holiday dinner:


This is my little tree! It’s about 3′ tall! I found a tall terracotta pot it could fit into and put a water container inside. Voila! No tree stand needed (it’s too small for one anyways)


I like to collect ornaments from friends or places I’ve been. This is a homemade monkey made by a friend for me a couple years ago.


A Dalí clock! I LOVE all things Dalí. Also, see the gondola in the lower left? That’s from my trip to Banff, Alberta this summer.


Glass mushroom ornament from a Polish fair I went to a few weeks ago. I love toadstools!


My xmas moose! I loves him.


Close up of my “mantle” decor. I don’t have a mantle. It runs the length of my entertainment unit…which is actually an expedit shelf from Ikea.


Xmas cards and antique bottles


I hang out on the weightwatchers.ca forum and we have an xmas card exchange – I love receiving them all. So inspirational! Some people include inspiration messages, some recipes, some stickers, some photos – all of it motivating and wonderful.


Antique bottles are there year-round.


Decorations scattered about the apartment.


Cute decorations in my grandmother’s tea set on display.


Even the kitchen didn’t escape! I just bought these.


Or the bathroom. Thank you Winners.


And Cinnamon Honey Butter as gifts. I got the recipe here and cute free print-outs for the jars here.



6 thoughts on “Christmas…and the decorations…have arrived!

  1. So lovely! A few years ago, I was always disappointed in the holidays. I felt it had lost its magical quality. Then I decided to create new holiday traditions that I enjoyed (baking and decorating are among those) and I love the holidays again! I love your holiday spirit!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love all things christmas and completely do not mind that the decorations come out right after Hallowe’en. I, too, have created a lot of my holiday traditions over the years and I love them! Thanks!! So happy you love the holidays again! 🙂

  2. As you probably already know, I’m big into decorations, too. I LOVE your little tree. So cute! I have a big artificial one from Costco (artificial because we’re so often away for the holidays and I don’t like a dried out tree) and it’s pre-lit with white lights. We always had coloured lights when I was a kid and I find that sometimes I do miss them. I really want to get some tea towel – yours are super cute!

    1. Yes I know!! I posted on your first decorations post – SO beautiful. I do like the small coloured lights on the tree, but everywhere else I like the white lights, as I think they add a touch of class. The tea towels are from Winners (if you have them out West, go check it out!)

    1. Hi Robin Claire, thanks for stopping by! It’s a name I use on here, but not my real name as I like to keep my professional and personal lives separate online.

      Yes, I understand that xmas may not be easy for all. I do not celebrate it in a religious context but rather in a way to enjoy the season and the approaching winter and make a point to create beauty around me as the cold weather approaches. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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