Measurements: December 2012

Okay, so I’m late…we’re halfway through the month already! But here they are. I really want to get back in the habit of posting these. Click on the jpeg to see a larger image.

Measurements December 2012

Well, not a heck of a lot of change. I lost 3/4″ in total. That’s okay. At this point I’m not expecting huge changes, but it’s nice to see some things going down. Still wishing for the smaller calves to fit into boots…I know the running doesn’t help it, and I am seeing much more muscle definition, but I know there’s a good layer of fat over it still. I’m pretty sure my legs will be the last place where I lose weight. My mom is built the same way.

I’m off for a run this afternoon to take advantage of the daylight. I so rarely get to run in the day anymore. Here’s looking forward to the winter solstice so the days can start getting longer again 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!


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