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Weigh-In Week 139: 100lbs lost!

Well ladies and gents, I’ve gots me some big news. I went and weighed-in today (Thursday) because the WW centre’s have been closed for the holidays and guess what!?! After the holiday dinners I am down 2.1lbs for a new weight of 151.5lbs and a total loss of 100.1lbs!!!

Seriously. Here’s the proof:


I got my 100lb medallion as well to add to my key chain. The slightly sad thing is that I got this not at my regular meeting and not with my leader who has seen me through so much and also not with the regular Tuesday WI crowd. The centre is closed next week also for New Year’s day so I guess celebrations will have to wait until January.

What makes this weigh-in extra special is that I battled a storm to get there! We got a whopping 45 cm (18 inches!) of snow from Wednesday night to Thursday afternoon! It’s bit insane. The city isn’t closed and it’ll take a few days to clear it all, but it’s definitely slowed things down. Check out these pictures of my walk this afternoon (yes, I said walk!):



This also marks the occasion to finally update my progress photos. Geez that 10lbs took long enough…ah well…at least I got here! 🙂 Here I am at the gym today. Check them all out on my Progress Photos page to see how far I’ve come.

151 - December 2012 cropped b

151 - December 2012 cropped

Hope everyone is doing well post-holidays! How are you getting back on track? I went to the gym after weigh-in and did a 45 min run and  weight training session. What have you been up to? If you were celebrating, how did the last few days go for you?


16 thoughts on “Weigh-In Week 139: 100lbs lost!

  1. Congratulations! That is a great milestone and further proof of your determination and your hard work. So impressed that you lost during the holidays!

    And you look great!

  2. Yowza! That is for the walk in the snow, but mostly for your most magnificent achievement. Kudos on your tenacity, positivity, and good spirits. You continue to inspire me!

  3. This is so exciting! I actually found your blog because I was searching for WW charms over a year ago and one of your pictures of your charms and stickers came up. I love my charms! They really mean a lot to me and to get the 100 pound charm: WOW!!!!! That is awesome. I love reading what you share with your honesty and also your zest for life: good friends, good times, exercise and good food, and learning to balance it all. Cheers!

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