Weight Loss

2012 Progress Graph

Well 2012 has come to a close. I can’t say it’s been uneventful. I’ve struggled with my weight, having only lost only 11.2lbs all year. I also saw the ups of two great new contracts that, I hope, have pushed my career forward, but also saw family health issues, the loss of a relationship and the month ends on a sadder note where a new blossoming relationship is now on rocky terrain. I thought I’d post my yearly round-up of my weekly weigh-ins. I must say, I think my weight loss graph shows the emotional ups and downs of my year as well. Here it is:

Progress Graph 2012

You can see how I didn’t really get my act together until about November. I’m hoping I can keep the motivation up for 2013 as I’d really like to get to goal this year and try my hand at maintaining. 2013 seems to be starting off on a rather conflicted note, but we shall see…there are, after all 365 days to the year.  If you’d like to compare to last year -check out my 2011 graph here.

Tonight I am hanging out with good friends in a low-key evening – just how I like it. I’ve never made a big deal of the evening, but I do like to be with others as ringing in the new year alone has never appealed to me. Tell me – How are you spending New Year’s Eve??


6 thoughts on “2012 Progress Graph

  1. No formal plans yet for tonight. We’re currently vacationing in Arizona and I will be baking this afternoon and making homemade pizza for supper. After that, I don’t know. Maybe a movie?

    You’ve done great this year! You’ve been running and have lost weight, even with all your work commitments. Pat yourself on the back.

    1. Arizona! How fun 🙂 A relaxing night at home with pizza and a movie sounds great. My friends and I are having a Mexican dinner and playing dominoes!

      You’re completely right. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the number on the scale and let that determine things.

      Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2013 🙂

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