Measurements: January 2013

Well lookie here! I lost 3 inches in the last month. I’m guessing from the crazy weight-losses. Nice to see the body changing after all this time. Check out my measurements here and as always click to see a larger version:

January 2013 Measurements

Also, can I point out that I’ve lost a total of 48 inches off my body since I started this 2.5 years ago. Okay, that’s a bit crazy. That’s all for today. Hope you’re having a good weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Measurements: January 2013

    1. Hi Robin, Well I’m pretty open that I follow weight watchers – which is, I believe, an easier way to do calorie counting. But I do believe you have write down everything you eat and stay withing a certain calorie budget that is right for your body.

      In general I eat whole foods – nothing processed (except Splenda is still my weakness). For example I make my own pizza dough, I only buy whole wheat pasta & rice. I don’t use any pre-made sauces or mixes or anything like that. I make everything from scratch. I don’t eat red-meat (which I haven’t for over 20 years, so that’s not a weight loss change) so eat lots of chicken (white meat only), salmon, and shrimp. I only drink water, coffee, or tea. No soda/pop, very little alcohol, no juice (nothing but sugar water!). I eat oatmeal with fruit and flax every morning. I eat lost of vegetables and fruit as snacks. I do eat dark chocolate on occasion 🙂

      For my exercise. In general, depending on my work schedule as I do freelance/contract work, I run 3x a week for a total of 15-20km a week and I do two full body weight training sessions a week and usually have a long walk in there also (long being 7km or more) with one rest day during the week. I taught myself to run 2 years ago using the couch to 5K program. Hope that answers your questions! I suppose I could do an actual blog post about this with more details… perhaps I will!

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